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Moving Levels without moving associated objects

Sometimes you define the levels and while working you decide for better slab positioning. If i want to move my original floor reference level to adjust to the new slabs it creates an asbolute mess. So i would like to have the OPTION to relocate a reference floor level WITHOUT moving its asociated objects. Of course, once the new level is set, the objects become associated with it.
Brad Elliott
Isn't this the existing Relink Home Story feature?
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As far as i know, the relink home story works on objects you move around and then you can adjust to which level they belong.

What im talking about is actually the oposite. Im talking about editing the reference levels on the "floor definitions" dialogue or even better, in section or elevation and right clicking on the selected level which allows you to graphically modify them. But if you mess up, you end up moving everything which is what im trying to avoid.
Barry Kelly
I am a bit confused.
Are you talking about adjusting the storey levels or the reference levels?

As far as I know adjusting the storey levels will alter existing elements as they are offset from those storeys.

Adjusting a reference level will not move any elements as they are just a 'reference' level.
The value of the element to that reference level will change, but the physical height of the element does not.

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jl_lt wrote:
Sometimes you define the levels and while working you decide for better slab positioning.
I am probably missing your point, but I think this is not a best practice. IMO First you define Story Levels then you model/position your Slabs with reference that Story Level. If you decide to elevate the whole Story, edit it in any Section with the "Edit Story Level" command. But if you want to change the reference level of a single or multiple Slabs then you edit it individually.
@Mr. Barry Kelly. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, im only refering to Story levels.

@Mr. Braza. I completely agree in that its not the best practice. But what im talking about is that sometimes you define your levels (i normally do it in 2d cad before begining in Archicad), but once in a while you are in the need to relocate it. If you have already modeled everything in its final position, so i would like to move the story level to match my final slab without messing everything else.
I don’t think what you are doing is common practice, I may be wrong. Brad gave you a good pointer using the relink tool. I haven’t tried this but you could see if it works for you...
Insert a new storey at the required height.
Turn on all layers
In 3D view use Find & Select in to select all elements that have the old storey as their home
Relink those elements to the new storey.

Unfortunately you will probably loose any 2D associations e.g. dimensions.

The other option is similar to correct the “mess”...
Change the storey height
Find & Select in 3D all elements on the changed storey
Elevate them by the opposite of the storey change

Let us know if this helps or what problems it leaves, it may give GS a better idea on whether they need to look at a solution.
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Just to check: You know that there is an "Edit Story Levels" command inside Section windows, right?

Hi Mr. Braza. Thats exactly the option im talking about. First, whatever you do there is undoable. Then, the option that causes the most problems (for me at least) is the first option (edit just one level leaving the rest untouched). Sometimes, in the flow of the work i end up adjusting slabs by some centimeters, and end up with a difference between that main slab and the associated story level. I want to be able to adjust that story level without moving all the objects.

I know the best practice would be to reposition the main slab level adjusting these options, but i have found this unrealiable specially when working on level changes in the same story. Maybe its a matter of correctly linking the walls to the stories, but so far i always have problems with this. Of couse, when it happens fixing it is quite straighforward, but annoying.
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Hi jl_lt,

jl_lt wrote:
First, whatever you do there is undoable.
Yep. Very frustrating.

jl_lt wrote:
Then, the option that causes the most problems (for me at least) is the first option (edit just one level leaving the rest untouched).
IMO You just use this option if your Walls height are linked to story above. So if you increase the Story elevation, Walls will be shorten, and vice-versa. But the Slabs will keep their reference with the Story Level. This is the normal behavior.

Or perhaps you are working with multiple slabs levels on a single Story? Is this the case?