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Multibuilding project

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Short :

First view you see is your site. There you have roads, terrain, trees and so on. You see also your buildings with a view of your buildings that you setup for that siteview.
Maybe you see floor 1 of every buildings + roads on one view, and on another you see the top of the roof with roads and trees.

When you click on one building, you could move this around on site in xyz directions. If you rightclick, you could chose EDIT... then it jump to normal archicad as it is today, but possibility to show your site.

Navigator - projectview / viewsets are extended as :
-Buildings (under here you have what archicad has today, one set for each building)
-Sections (for sections on site, buildings could have their own sections too)

A building could even be cloned, if you have a type that you have more than once. The cloned doesnt have own setup for planes, sections ... But its own xyz coordinate.
You could disconnect a clone from it's original and then get a new type.
The siteview would allow in real life coordinates and local coordinates.

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