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Need a reference level for arbitrary TBM as well as Altitude

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I would like to have an additional reference level that allows for site surveys where a Temporary Benchmark (TBM) was used by the surveyor instead of the specific height above sea level.

Please see the attached 'photoshopped' screen-capture to show what I'd like to see. In this example, the surveyor used an arbitrary TBM set at 50.00, but the actual altitude is over 100m

Altitude has increasing relevance to other aspects of the design process than mere height above sea level (eg. shadow calculations, optimising solar panel orientation). So, when a surveyor uses a TBM, it's useful to have that as a reference level IN ADDITION TO the actual altitude of the site, rather than changing the altitude to suit an arbitrary TBM and thereby screwing things up elsewhere.
Can't you just use a reference offset?
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I don't know. When you get a moment, can you please elaborate?
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I just voted "essential" not so much for this limited request but more for an expanded reference level function. I would like to see an unlimited number of levels and the ability to make them global or link them to stories. This would allow AC to not only catch up to but surpass Revit's levels functions.
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I agree Matthew,
I'd just got the impression from my research before posting that people had failed with that particular request... so I thought I'd try a slightly more, um, incremental request to see how that went 😉
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