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Nested modules management for GIS Functionality

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I made an experiment today to make a spatial structured model, based on zones and modules. My goal was to have a template file with the boundary of the state that I usually do my jobs. This would be subdivided in smaller areas like towns or vllages. Then subdivided to sectors, building blocks, and then to individual properties. each one of them would be a different module. higher modules would contain only boundaries in the form of zones and worksheets with scanned maps. Also depending on the level each zone would be allocated a property object with descriptors like local building regulations or other demographic info in the highest levels like towns and states.

The whole experiment got stuck on one little thing in the module manager. The module manager reads the nested modules in a module only if you select to include them all and it reaches only one level down. If a lower module has more nested modules and it is not set to have it's modules included in another instance of archicad, the module manager of the higher module cannot read it's contents. Even if the lower module it is set to have it's nested modules included, the module manager of the higher module cannot handle to include or skip nested modules more than one level lower than it's own.

I Think this can be solved if the module file keeps an index of it's nested modules that would be readable from higher modules without the need of opening the whole module, but only the module with some of it's nested modules. And in the nested modules dialog, instead of include or skip or with these choices should be a choice to LOAD SELECTED NESTED MODULES.

This would not only open GIS capabilities to archicad but also the management of different arrangements or versions of the same rooms in building module management.

Also this kind of file deployed on bim cloud as a teamwork project could have a public character. Say the server of my city hall to monitor city development by implementing revision and user management and providing public data included in the modules. I Would be able to join the teamwork project and chose to load the modules down to the property that I want to work with and then chose to reserve this lowest module wich can be a plot of land or an appartment of a building if it already exists.


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