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New GDL commands such as LOFT are long overdue!

Jarrod Phillips



It would be great to see some new GDL commands such as loft added to the GDL library. I know I’m not the first to request this but I believe a loft command would add some much needed functionality. Some other variations of loft would also be useful such as lofting two shapes (1 at each end) along a non linear path. E.g a lofted elbow with a circle at one end and a square at the other. It’s one command that has the potential to create a handful of complex geometries that’s required in a lot of contemporary objects.





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Valid request. I'll mention RULED and RULEDSEGMENTED here, because that is already very close, but sadly does not allow arcs (which is kinda understandable). And that's a wellknown limitation of GDL, too (Tube anybody?) – which means, if you know how, it can be overcome with a bit of math. Still a less verbose way would be very nice indeed!

Tangent to this: Even more powerful would be a SWEEP2 like in Rhino, where you can sweep a surface between two rails, which allows for many forms to be realized.

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