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Nodes: Drag or Deform

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I would like to see nodes behave like this:

Black nodes: Automatically black if no deform options present. No other behavior other than drag or use for alignment reference. Default behavior is drag.

Red nodes: Nodes that have deformation options and automatically switch from black to red. Default behavior is deform.

I would like an option that would toggle all nodes from default (drag for black nodes and deform for red nodes) to drag all nodes (black and red nodes drag but deform on red nodes of the node is double clicked or the deform option on the pet pallet is selected).

Then make a toggle button that is placeable like the trace reference button is in a toolbar and a key combo for easy toggling.

My reasoning is that there are two basic approaches to nodes, one that want their nodes to always drag but deform if needed and those that want their nodes to always deform if they can but drag if needed. This allows for one of the other.

And with the nodes automatically colored based on the presence of deform options or not, that information is instantly conveyed to whether or not to toggle drag behavior.

It could also be used for drag all for multiple objects instead of deform selected node when more than one object is selected.
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