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Preview 2 - Floating attributes menu




Maybe there is something wrong, but thhis palette looks the same like 26.1

yes it stretches up when the attribute list is too long, but it's behaviour is strange and she always pop up in a crazy way, 

i have to guess how and where and how long it will pop up , 




Please, make it simple, 

you can see here, i did a simple layout of how it should be, 

this palette is so important, it should always appear in the same place, the same way, icons shouldn't move, 

i talked about it in this post : 

Attributes selection floating palette - Graphisoft Community

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Is the current situation at GS really so bad that we have to choose between having endless scrolling or no way to anticipate where on the screen to focus for our next move?


This must be considered basic stuff for decent software ergonomics. It's even more obvious with regards to time effectiveness and that they don't manage to get it right when they talk about making our workflow effective and allowing us to focus on designing is worrying.

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As another user wrote:

This is fixed in all versions starting AC25 back to the introduction of Attribute Manager, since none

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