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Proper benchmark and GPU/CPU usage

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After so many years I would love to se a proper benchmark like cinebench or specviewper or any homemade Adobe benchmark to sort out the confusion about HARDWARE.

Important things to take into consideratioin:
benchmark need to be unbiased - no gaming gpu degrading on purpose
cpu speed test
gpu speed test
fps number
2D/3D performance
Vram usage
comparing results
plug and play benchmark

I read every year the hardware specs and test results on the official site, but come on. What you see there is not relevant at all and a COPY/paste since I remember.

Comparing a 120$ 750Ti with 1000-5000$ Pro cards.
And the only info there is 1.0x 1.3x etc. which is not usable for anyone.

Why not test the same price ranges and put out real numbers:
Titan X 12GB Vram - 1000$
750$ 980Ti 6gb Vram
800$ K4200 4gb Vram
Fury X with 4GB HBM whic has very fast Bandwidth.

For older cards:
780Ti - 300$
K2000 - 300$


Look at Maya 2013, where the (130$) 750Ti is faster than a Quadro K400
3DS@2015 - large model where the GTX 970 (300$) is 2x faaster than K4000.

And we all know the prices of K4000.

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