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Removing the separte 2D and 3D tabs/windows

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About 8 months ago I received information about a new MCAD product (can't remember the name now) that was always in 3D mode even when creating drawings. What was cool was when the view was perpendicular to either the XY or the XZ or the YZ plane the display converted to look like a typical 2D paper drawing. Then when the object was rotated in any direction such that the view was NOT perpendicular to one of those 3 planes the display became 3D again. No changing to a new tab or work space all work is done in the same space. I found the concept better than my current MCAD software but it lacked some of the functionality I needed to design certain types of parts that my software was very capable of. Maybe something to look into.


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Described approach will not play nice with View Map and other key concepts of ArchiCAD.

It might look nice on screen, but it will not work within Project Map/View Map/Layout Book combo concept. It is an organizational issue. ArchiCAD is organized a certain way to give us access to the information we need and when we need it. Automatic switch 2D/3D might not work right, as the only option for a computer would be "use last used view" logic... might not be that useful.

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I sometimes find myself trying to use 3D navigation controls in elevation views - the old Shift+centre mouse button click to orbit. This would eliminate my "senior moments".

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