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Renovation Filters Applicable to Complex Profiles/Composites

The renovation filters are great! It seems that system would be able to replace the need for Existing/New/Demo layers for several project situations.

I wish I could apply those filters to a complex profile though!

I've had projects where I've applied new 'skins' over existing facades. If I could have a complex profile that included any applicable demolition as well as any new construction built atop the existing wall construction, it would make a single wall profile much more versatile. I'd imagine all you'd have to do is apply the renovation categories to the files that make up complex profiles.

In theory, this would also apply to composite wall profiles as well.
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We're 2015 and there is still no fix apparently. Has anybody figured out a decent workaround for the renovation and insulation of old walls?

There are two strategies AFAIK:

Old composite wall - to be demolished / New composite wall with insulation
+ workable solution with windows and doors
+ compatible with EcoDesigner
- plans of renovation phases have to be corrected manually
- quantity states are wrong

Draw separate 'walls' for old layers that have to be demolished and add new insulation layers as walls
+ 2D plans are right
+ quantities are right
- not workable with windows & doors in practice
- not compatible with ecodesigner

Anyone figured out a decent strategy? Are there any insiders who know if this is on the agenda for future releases?
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This is under MUST !
Has this been enabled in AC20?

Absolutely essential if the whole renovation process is to work properly. Is it that difficult to add a renovation status check box for each fill in the complex profile window, or each material & separator in complex materials?

Much too technical a question for me, but what about our AC gurus...?
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Karl Ottenstein

Still badly needed.   Posting this redundant comment just to bump this wish in order to get votes in the new Community 😉


PS Do or don't like my post ... but do like the original post in this thread which is the wish vote counter 🙂



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I don't disagree with the original twelve year old post, but I do think it is short sighted in relation to potential future development. At some point GS will wake up to the principle of leveraging Categories / Classifications for not just scheduling, but also model display. Given GS's alleged dominance in BIM development I would hope this isn't too far away. For this to work each Fill or Skin in a Profile or Composite should be capable of being allocated attributes as if they were independent elements.


The allocation of the Core / Finish / Other attribute also needs addressed to overcome the current problem of the likes of Morphs where that attribute cannot be assigned. I would suggest that if it isn't assigned / controlled through the Building Material definition then a more appropriate place would be embellishing the existing common "Structural Function" category.

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I would say that in essence this is the same wish... as renovation would be completely re-worked if a more powerful capability as you describe were added (which would require fundamental re-writing of most of Archicad code... so I'm not holding my breath).  So, hey, doesn't hurt to vote for the old wish... and link to the wish you're referring to (which I'm pretty sure has been on the wishlist for 5 or so years also). 🙂


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I’m not holding my breath either, but my suggestion is easier to implement as it is simply down to the assignment and management of attributes. The problem with accommodating the renovation aspect lies in the drawing interface; the user has an expectation of being able to create a profile with multiple fills or a composite with different renovation skins occupying the same space. I’m sure there are many potential development options but the solution will be far from simple to implement. On balance my gut says associative connections may be a more versatile solution to renovation and general modelling. 

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I think this wish will become realistic when skin-by-skin design is implemented in Archicad, which is on the Roadmap in the Idea Pool category:

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