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!Restored: Favorites in Team work

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When will it be possible to use favorites as tool boxes, ie load and unload groups of tools for different tasks such as design, detailing, annotation? This is possible to do in regular mode, but not in teamwork. It would be very helpful with regards to standard and productivity if we could load and unload groups of favorites while using teamwork.

Could you tell us a little more? I'm not really sure what you mean.
Tom Waltz

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
Sounds like other requests I've had, usually from CAD Managers of large firms, who would like to limit the amount of damage their CAD techs can do to a model, determined by their work environment profile when they sign in. Actually, some have asked for functions to be stripped out completely!

The answer is no, work environment profiles cannot be integrated into the sign in process. You could set up a work environment profile on the server, specific to each task and ask your cad techs to use the respective profiles as necessary, but that's about the extent of it AFAIK.


Greg Kmethy
You can also "lock" parts of the work environment so the users can't customize it, and you can also "force" the users to use a use a specific work environment that resides on a server. This is a tool for the CAD managers to prevent "damage" by the users...

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Towards the end.
Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft

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