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Scheduled update of drawings on layouts

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HI everyone,
I have recently issued a request in Graphisoft Support Centre (Australia, case 30943) but you guys in the HQ might want to think about it too:
I have a project where the layouts are kept in a different file from the model. Both are teamwork files.
As we have 250+ layouts in the Layout file, with an average of 4 drawings on each layout, the update process is very long when done at once (it takes about an hour). We usually avoid that and update drawings in batches, nevertheless sometimes it is necessary to do it at once.
Now my question is whether this update could be scheduled for after hours time? Say for instance I leave my computer on, with both ArchiCAD files (model and layout) open (reserve all, obviously in the Layout file) , and I would set-up an external drawing update for 6.00pm when no one would be around to access the file.
Is this possible?

(P.S. magyarul is tudok am, de az eredeti angolul volt, mert hogy 'downunder'-ben melozom, sorrygung )