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Section/Elevation Tool

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Hi everyone

At present, the section/elevation tool is one that has greatly consistuted towards automating the whole 3D "drafting" experience. Well at least for me.

The line representing the cutting plane does not necessarily have to be a straight one. However, it would also be really helpful if the line representing the depth of view of the section/elevation (representing the horizontal range) can also be broken into segments, allowing the user to determine the depth of view at different areas?


Tom Waltz

Gerald Hoffman
Absolutely essential IMHO. It would also seem to me to not be that difficult to implement given that the section cut can already do it.
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Count me in! Essential!

Eduardo Rolon
but also would like to wish for an extra distance area option, so that I can specify three levels on the elevations, (foreground, middle and background).
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Geoff Briggs
Essential. I would add that the depth line be able to be set at an angle to the cut line as well. Very important if the distant area is not orthogonal to the cut.
Geoff Briggs
DeForest Architects
Seattle, USA
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Yes, you read that correctly, we are in the US but use the INT version, because the libraries are better.

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Just to add on to my suggestion on the Section/Elevation tool's capabilities, it would be helpful if the individual segments of the "cutting plane" could also be rotatable.

At present, we are modeling an underground subway station which is somewhat curved. It's a terrible nightmare having to place 3 separate section lines and join them back together in the layouts.


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Shingo, you could use this kind of section, if it hlps.
odd section.gif

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Hi Kliment

Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately your suggestion does not help, as the section projection needs to be parallel with the particular segment of the "tube" which it is showing.

I drew a diagramatic illustration showing the situation.


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