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Section marker on plan and section range shoold be different, detached things

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So , i wish section marker on plan to be in one place, and view range in the section itself to be different.
This is important wish.
Barry Kelly
If the section marker head is set to be in the middle, then you can drag it with a pet palette option.
The range will stay where it is and the marker goes where you want.

If the marker head is set to the ends, then you can't drag them but you can link to another section line.
So place two sections and change one to a linked marker and link it to the real section.
You can place the real section in a layer that is turned off so you don't see the markers and then move the linked section to where ever you want.

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Thank you,

i know it can be done with workarounds, but it's too slow.

Brett Brown
There is/was an object that did exactly this by Masterscript. I use it daily. It's not on his website anymore so have him asked why. Will get back to you when I have an answer.
The section heads can be moved independently of the extents and also each of your different plan views can be independent of each other as well. Indispensable.
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100% Essential.

There is a workaround, as it was pointed out. BUT - a workaround is not a solution. This program is becoming a huge pile of nearly-functioning tools with even bigger pile of needed workarounds attached to them.

You get my vote.
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Agreed. This is the sort of feature (being able to move the marker heads independent from the actual section cut) that I would intuitively expect to be available based on our ability to do the same thing with elevations & interiors. It also helps us maintain that blessed connection between what's modeled and what shows up on drawings ❤️

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