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Show anchor point on objects (esp. Windows and Doors)

When we adjust a door size we usually want one side of the door to remain anchored to a fixed distance from the hinge of the door, so that the framing remains a fixed distance from the adjacent wall. In a compact home for example we may have that fixed distance 3" (two 1.5" framing members) from the wall, so that the door stays as close to that wall as possible when we change the door size. If the anchor point is near the hinge of the door, the door stays in the correct location if we ever decide to change the door size later in the design.

We can adjust the anchor point to be near the hinge, however we have no way of knowing where the anchor point is unless we select the door and select the wall (to see what side has the wall's "orientation line" on it). Then click on the objects tool box and select the correct anchor location (after spinning things around in our heads a bit).

If the anchor point on objects was visible when the object was selected in plan, then we would never have to go through this process. Architect NY WI IL
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, this would be great. It could be another On-Screen View Options.
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