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Sketch Render Elevations

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I am looking for a way to create elevations that look similar to hand sketched drawings from within ArchiCAD. If possible I would like to also be able to add colors to these elevations. For the colors my preference would be to have the colors look like colored pencil or watercolor washes. As many of my interior finishes and detailing are based on these drawings it is important that I be able to easily update and distribute them. Besides that I find that my clients find it easier to understand and get excited about a hand drawing (or at least something that looks like it) versus a computer, hard line drawing.

I searched the archiCAD Talk forum but only found older posts with complex work arounds and a sugestion to look at ArchiSketchy. I'm not real interested in the complex workaround. I am trying to move away from complex computer operations so we can focus more on architecture. ArchiSketchy looks OK but I wanted to ask if it 2D sketches are possible right from within ArchiCAD 11. It makes sense to me that there should be some native way to do this right from within ArchiCAD. Please let me know if there is a native way to create elevations that look hand drawin right from within ArchiCAD 11.

It is pretty quick for me just to hand draw and color interior elevations by tracing over the elevations generated in ArchiCAD. The problem is distributing those drawings to my clients and the trades people who are bidding on and doing the work. The colored scan images are pretty big files whether I send them to my clients and the contractors as PDFs or as placed images in my ArchiCAD drawing set. This is why I would like to know if there would be an easy way for to create these hand drawn looking elevations right in ArchiCAD. I'm thinking that generating the drawings in ArchiCAD would be faster to create and update as well as be a smaller file that is easier to distrubute and update than a hand drawn set of elevations.

I would be interested in hearing what solutions and ideas are out there.

Thank you,

Chris Hough
Obviously this is a pretty old request, and I do not have a copy of v16, so I don't know if this has been addressed. In my interpretation of this request (which is something I would very much like) is to see the ability to have custom line types show up in the live section elevation windows.

We have all sorts of parameters for the exact representation of a wall in plan in terms of fill, line types, pens, etc.. And while we can choose from a selection of pens for a "model view" in elevation, we cannot assign line types to these projections. I'd like to have the ability to do this so that the drawings (the final construction documents) can have a more hand drawn feel to them.
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