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Story sensitive downpipes and rainwater heads

Paul King

Something that has been long needed is decent downpipe + accessories object:


  • Swan necks and other offsets display appropriately in plan view, so are story and scale sensitive
  • Overhead line type for any parts that user wants displayed but that are above the floor plan cutplane
  • Have sideways offset option (parallel to wall), in addition to swan neck and toe (right angles to wall)
  • Have a range of contemporary and very customizable & stretchy rainwater head style options.  Not just the 'olde worlde' styles offered within the standard GS object.
  • Rainwater heads should be able to orient independently of attached downpipes, to address internal corner locations
  • Rainwater heads should include adjustable shape, size and elevation scupper inlet, and gutter side inlet options,  from any face, or faces.
  • Rainwater head should include adjustable shape, size and elevation overflow options on any face not containing an inlet.  Including simple cut openings, and projecting rectangular or circular or tray style overflows.
  • Can be an accessory that is associative to roof edge, or wall face, or independent .
  • rain water diverter option
  • rainwater harvesting options
  • drain connection options
  • chain option
  • individually draggable elevation and length standoff bracket options (eg for straight downpipe on wall that steps in and out, and that has features at certain heights that should not clash with bracket)



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