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Temporary Unlock

One can Unlock and object (and create keystrokes to do this)
One can Lock and object (and create keystrokes to do this)
One can Unlock All (and create keystrokes to do this)

These tools are great when working with existing buildings, because we can lock the as-built drawings/models/objects, so that they never change throughout the project accidentally.

However, we often edit some parameters of these existing objects and elements. In order to edit these objects/elements we must go through the process of unlocking them, making the changes, and then remembering to lock them again.

I have created keystrokes to make this process easier for me, which helps.

What would help even more is if there were a button (better yet a keystroke) that could "temporarily unlock" an object.

So the process would be the following as an example:
1) I decide to edit a locked wall
2) I select the wall
3) I click on the button or use the keystroke to "temporarily unlock" the wall.
4) I make the changes to the wall that I want to make.
5) I click OK or I finish the 3d location or size of the object etc.
6) The object after this one change has been done immediately becomes locked again without my input.

In other words, after using this "temporary unlock" keystroke, I am allowed one change of settings, then it immediately becomes a locked object/element again.

This would eliminate the possibility that an object that is supposed to be locked will be accidentally left unlocked. Architect NY WI IL
Madison WI
Archicad21 MEP EcoDesSTAR Win10-64-bit
EliteBook8570W Corei7-3630QM@2.40GHz
QuadroK2000m RAM32 (2)250GBSSDs
4 Monitors Internet:4Up60Down

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