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Update PDF Converter used by Archicad



I believe I wrote to the forum a few years ago as well, and now the PDF converter in Archicad needs to be updated. This will be an improvement that affects everyone.

The current Archicad (27) creates new PDF files with PDFNet v9.2. In this format, some programs like Adobe's PDF readers and HP's Click software cannot view "images" larger than 200x200 inches; they give an error as if the file is corrupted. However, some other programs can read files larger than 200x200 inches without any issues. In fact, when we open these files in those programs, we can see that the files are not corrupted.

For instance, in places like Turkey, where the public requires all drawings of architectural projects to be collectively presented on a single sheet, this situation provides great convenience and makes a significant difference. We produce 20-meter long roll prints to submit to municipalities. With an updated PDF converter (preferably as a PDF 2.0 version compliant with ISO 32000-2: 2020, with the latest PDFNet v10.9), we can eliminate this problem. This update will greatly benefit a large market.

Updating the PDF converter can resolve this issue.