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WallComposite/BuildingMaterials/Surfaces/Fills SUPER-EDITOR

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When setting up new composite walls, or when editing existing ones, I often find myself going in and out of the Composites, Building Materials, Surfaces, and Fill Types attribute editing windows. This can be a pain.

There is somewhat of a natural chain, where a Composite is made up of several Building Materials, which is made up of a Surface and a Fill, and then the Surface has a Fill attached to it as well. It would be amazing if these were somehow linked together so that the chain would show up all in one window, and the children of the parent element would automagically show up to be edited at will without having to search through the humongous list.

See rough mockup below showing how these might combine.

Obviously the UI would need to be worked out.

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Hi, MSH Homes, Totally agree with you, indeed this wish is here already

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Whoops..didn't see that. Someone please delete this post as I can't! Arqrivas has already made similar request.

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Don't worry, bro, this shows that this is a really essential feature needed in the Archicad Interface. GS has been working in the interface lately I hope they see this need.

And Like the way you planned, is a good idea that way too!

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