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Josh Verran

It would be good if there was some method where you could sort all favourites based on common criteria, like element type, classification, layer etc, then edit a whole bunch at once.


An example would be the ability to select all aluminium awning windows and change the handle type, or select all external timber framed walls and change the grade.


We have around 400 favourites, any time we alter/develop it requires manually selecting each individual favourite, going into the settings and editing.


If all the elements were in the model you could use a schedule to do mass editing.

With Drawings you can use the Drawing Manager to sort by ID or where they are placed to, then edit a bunch at once. With favourites there is no method that I know if to edit large amounts at one time. Selecting multiple favourites and going into the settings can have undesired consequences as it seems to apply all the same settings, not just the one thing you may have changed.




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Wow, this would be the dream!

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This is not taking away from the wish, but I just wanted to mention a few options already available

Favourites can be grouped by tool, and there is an option to show only the favourites for an active tool.

Also they can be arranged into folders which will allow for some basic categorising - although that is not the same as being to arrange them via any category you want.

And don't forget you have the ability to 'search' through the names.



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