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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

single roof - polyroof-functionality, roofmaker..

First: I wish, that polyroofs could interact with single roof-planes in the same way its possible only with single roofs. If you want to "cut" 2 single roofs together, you can klick on one edge of the first and command-click on the (near) edge of the...

Gumball 3D axis tool in 3D view

Can we have a gumball in 3D? I'm tired of trying to snap objects to a plane before moving them. Half the time, the place where I'm trying to move the object its not even in vision and I kinda just want to move it "over there". All the other kid's hav...

Stretch & leave nodes

I think there needs to be an option to stretch (Slab, Zone, Wall) and leave nodes where you stretched from. An example would be If I need to create a right angle slab. I wouldn't have to change tools and add a node.

Autotext in Publishing name and Publishing Directory

Basically I want to control all publishing related items via 'info'. I put in the clients lot, street name, Suburb... The PDF Name should be as follows #lot, #streetname, #suburb, #clientnames - Contract Plans Resulting in 111, Jeorge Street, Westy B...

Grids to follow Extent of Section line

As I use "live" sections and elevations a lot I would like to have an option in Section and Elevation windows to control the "height" of the Grid lines that come from the Grid Tool. In particular with sections that only show for example the Ground pl...

Hotlink Manager behaviour after update

I would like to see the Hotlink Manager reopen to the Hotlink Manger window after updating a hotlink source (or at least do this on Teamwork projects). In our office typically what happens is this: 1. Reserve Hotlink Manager 2. Update source, press "...

Injecting parameters from one object to another

Usually when you inject parameters from object "a" to object "b", the object "b" changes into object "a". If object "a" has only one parameter "array" and object "b" has also parameter "array" and few others, then it would be nice to inject "array" p...

Auto Wrap Wall End

We have a nice tool called Wall End Tool in Archicad, and it works very good for what it does and the purpose of it, but I think that the regular behavior of turning the exterior or interior skin or skins when you have a wall end not connected to any...

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Purge function in Library Manager

I've often found on projects that have not been managed properly that there are a large number of unused .gsm in the embedded library. There should be a 'Purge Unused' function as per the attribute manager.

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CINEMA 4d Add on

Please I would like the add on cinema 4d to be improved at least for the management of the layer between the two software