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Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

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the multiselection option set property in formulas

Hi, in the case where we use an option set property with multiselection, it would be very useful to be able to recover this property in the formulas to allow us to reduce the number of properties, example of use for this function in formula1- Propert...

wall into a line

Hi, Computer graphic designers often ask us to provide them with plans with lines to represent the walls, as this allows them to optimise the representation of the plan to their graphics more easily If you want to use lines instead of a combination o...

add plan display parameters in the selection criteria

Hi Would it be possible to add the parameters of display in plan in the criterion of selection of the filter of selection and in the GO, sela will allow us to control the mode of display of the walls, For example if I have a window that is placed on ...

BIMx Feature Wish: Navigation Back & Forward...

I don't know if this topic has been considered previously.. When Markers & Hyperlinks are enabled while viewing a BIMx Hypermodel, it would be very effective to be able to return to the original view after having jumped to a hyperlinked view. The clo...

Harout by Participant
  • 0 replies

Teaching ArchiCAD in schools

Teaching the ArchiCAD BIM software in schools could help ensure its future and use on the labor market. Remember that the schools are preparing future professionals in architecture and design. When I've tried to convince some firms' managers to move ...

Mjules by Mentor
  • 12 replies

Subtract finishes with Solid Element Operations

Would it be possible to add composite element skin type recognition to the solid element operations?One example use case is this… I’d love to be able to subtract wall finishes above a dropped ceiling slab element, but still let the framing pass throu...

Allow composites and profiles in 2D documents

Please allow us to use all the power of composites, complex profiles, (and may be doors and windows) in 2d documents like independant sections, worksheats and details !

Tinou by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Highlight Missing Drawings in Navigator

I nearly got caught out up cycling one of my projects which would have quite happily published several layouts with links to missing drawings. Whilst I appreciate there may be a requirement to keep broken links intact, there should at least be a warn...

Organizer and Navigator, one tool

Hello, I wonder if it would be possible or appreciated if we hade the possibility to use the organizer as two navigators? I think it would save time for users, if all buttons and options were available on both "sides" of the organizer. Thanks Felix

Frillex by Advocate
  • 4 replies