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layer name display in infobox

i wonder if it would be nice to be able to resize the layer name window in the info box window, as it is currerntly somewhat inconvenient to not be able to read and identify layer names longer than 11 characters (surprisingly even some of the standard layer names that come with archicad are longer than that... ;0).

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and material names, too.
Dwight Atkinson

all lists everywhere should have a user customisable font size (and font?). easy enough to set in the prefs, but how it would dynamically affect the dialogue i don't know . . .


(and you are allowed to vote in your own wish poll schagemann! )
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that was me who forgot.
Dwight Atkinson

James B
Count me in on this too

Pretty much goes for most of AC windows really (stories, hotlink manager etc).
James Badcock
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Karl Ottenstein
Now that I have a Mac, too, I understand what you guys are talking about ... you see fewer characters than show on Windows. So, I agree. 😉

I see 10 characters followed by "..." on the Mac, and 14 characters followed by "..." on Windows.

I get only the 1st 7 characters of a material name on each platform.

A tough thing with wishes like this is that people with Windows may vote differently since the issue isn't as bad there for layer names.

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some of these things aren't a problem until you really get to working with the application. I was never bothered by the short name space until I had sub-categorized my materials with a prefix. OOOps. Always had to open the big dialog....... but maybe not in future.
Dwight Atkinson

Aussie John
If resizing is too difficult showing the first and last parts of the name (subtractng the middle bit) would be better than it is now. If you are not sure what I mean look in the Finder (mac) at a long name in a narrow space
Cheers John
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Not applicable
Another alternative would be a 'popup' window which gives the (full) version of the name when you 'mouse over'.

Example (from the Opera browser) below.

- Stuart

Balazs Simonyi
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Problem added to wishlist.
We find some solution, but every idea are welcome


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