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solid element operation with point cloud

We have started to use point clouds in our projects which are generated from a quick drone flyover - and while incredibly useful, we really need the ability to do some basic editing in archicad so we can selectively exclude areas of the point cloud. I was surprised to find that solid element operations did not work on the point cloud, however if this could be enabled it would allow one to quickly subtract out an existing structure, or tree for example without having to go back into a seperate software package to edit and create a new point cloud object.

Thanks for considering.
Stefan Hampden
CAST architecture - Seattle architect
Point cloud in ArchiCAD is converting into GDL script. It is possible to cut it using GDL commands cutpoly and cutplane. ArchiCAD already using cutplane on the floor plan - when it's possible to set horizontal limits.

Adding additional cutting planes in GDL script will result of disappearing part of point cloud.

It is not something straight forward like using SEO, but it is possible to create additional GDL object with cutting planes and editable hotspots (and comfortable interface), linking original file as a macro.

See attached below image, showing 3D script of point cloud object - it's not really complicated.

Thanks so much for your reply - Just seeing this now - not sure how I missed your response for a year 😉 I've not done a lot of GDL scripting, but really appreciate your reply - I'll see if I can make that work - it would be a huge boon if we could edit clipping planes for the point cloud without having to go back in and edit the point cloud in pix4d

Stefan Hampden
CAST architecture - Seattle architect