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windows or door marker

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I would really like to have custom text in windows or door marker with syntax like in dimension tool.
In dimension tool when set to custom we get text <MeasuredValue>. Before or after that I can add whatever I like and I get my measured value that is changing as the element to which dimension is attached to is changing.
In example you see that I have <MeasuredValue> + 25 and I get 1.031 + 25 on the model.
I would really need that to have this in window and door marker. In window or door marker when value set to custom I get only number (eq. 130) that is current parameter of the window or door. If I add my text I will get eq. 130+25, but when I change height of the window my text on the marker will remain 130+25.
I need that when some of the parameters are set to custom to get <MeasuredValue> + my text.
I think Graphisopht could add this pretty much easily since ArchiCAD already have that function in dimension tool.
Why is this important to me? this 25 goes for height of my sunshade box that is above window, so I would like to have first number as height of window unit and second to note to construction workers to leave wall hole higher for the sunshade box. So 130+25 would mean that wall hole should be 155 cm high, while window is 130 cm.
If I set oversize in window setting I get hole that is seen on all facades.

Of course if this is possiblle please tell me how.

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I have added poll for this.
so please vote.

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I agree this is very important

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