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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Hi I can't describe how important for Architects is get GOOD and FAST image / preview or illustration without using render software / render / exporting to another software .


- I wish to have possibility to save 3D view in Good kvality (300DPI) for 4k Monitor 


Skärmavbild 2022-05-19 kl. 10.22.21.jpg


- I don't wanna have this image resolution on 2022. 

- I'm doing on daily base so many alternatives and so many changes and I need to show without rendering or exporting to another software


- I think everyone will be so happy for this option. 👍


● Right now I have to do screenshot from 3D view and put in drawings layout because quality is much better to take Screen shot from 3D View ( This is real pain to do all the time ! ) And doit again and again with any new change.


Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.01.jpg

What is this quality ? I can  see how bad is raster of this image 😞 Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.14.jpg 


I think you can do a little workaround by right clicking in the 3D window and selecting "set window size". Then you can choose the size you want and "save as" a raster image. Or you can save the view and use the publisher.


The Norwegian Archicad dealer has a article about it in norwegian if you whant to have a look.


Also, I think the quality of shading in 3d view has to be improved asap. It is hardly acceptable to have 3d view without any shading gradient, ambient occlusion, or any other 3d effect which would make 3d view more "understandable" 

There were time when two different surfaces with same color looks the same although there is space between them, only because of flat shading of 3d view

I tried this and this is not working at least for MAC. 😕

Otherwise this solution is so strange and annoying too because you have to dock the window after every time when you changed proportion.

Wish some solution where can I just write quality for 3D view (dpi)

William Yan

only perspective view not ortho view


Why dont you use twinmotion? The quality you can get in real time is amazing

Because it Need export -> render -> place on the drawings
and it can do just one alternativ in same-time.

My question / wish is not about illustration is about to have possibility to show 3D model in good and fast quality

Erwin Edel

Until your wishes come true some other options:

  • make a 3D document instead. This will jus update with any changes automatically, since it is directly linked to the model
  • a properly set up scene for cinerender can render at comparable quality of a screenshot in about a minute, given that you have decent hardware and efficient surfaces / model and don't go into unnecesarily high pixel count (anything 2300x1000 pixels will print fine on A4 and look fine on HD screens and small devices that clients use to look at your output)


It would be nice to just publish the internal engine directly to JPG format though.


I recommend Enscape for real-time high quality renders. It works well with Archicad (and SketchUp and Revit).  I recommend also getting an NVIDIA RTX graphics card for large models with a higher amount of geometry. The increased quality and speed of the renders are well worth the price of the RTX cards.


I did not like the Twinmotion interface or quality of its interior rendering.

Barry Kelly

You don't have to render with Cinerender (or Redshift if you have that option).

If you are happy with what you see in the 3D window, you can render with the Basic Renderer engine.




You can adjust the image size and pixels per inch/cm.

You will probably still need to tweak some settings for brightness, etc., but you can save the scene.



I think you don't get my point I don't wanna render I just want to save 3D view with good quality at leas what I can see in preview. ( I wish little bit better )

Because when I save 3D view on layout the quality drop down.
I can do render but this is not case for rendering.
How I wrote " without using render software / render / exporting to another software "

I have 10-20 alternatives and I want to present fast with some quality of image. not this rasterized image what I get from Archicad.

BTW.: I'm Mac user Enscape doesn't support Mac now


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