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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Hi I can't describe how important for Architects is get GOOD and FAST image / preview or illustration without using render software / render / exporting to another software .


- I wish to have possibility to save 3D view in Good kvality (300DPI) for 4k Monitor 


Skärmavbild 2022-05-19 kl. 10.22.21.jpg


- I don't wanna have this image resolution on 2022. 

- I'm doing on daily base so many alternatives and so many changes and I need to show without rendering or exporting to another software


- I think everyone will be so happy for this option. 👍


● Right now I have to do screenshot from 3D view and put in drawings layout because quality is much better to take Screen shot from 3D View ( This is real pain to do all the time ! ) And doit again and again with any new change.


Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.01.jpg

What is this quality ? I can  see how bad is raster of this image 😞 Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.14.jpg 


Barry this is render. How I wrote I don't wanna render every 3D View.

- I have 10-20 alternatives and I moving windows, balconies and other object.
- I want/wish it just publish in 3D view with good quality at least what I can see on my screen or better.
export 3D view on layout change quality of imagy so bad 😕

Size of pepper is not relevant for this case. I'm not printing it.
I'm showing this alternatives on screen / teams meeting etc. / PDF. 

I'm using layout for presentation and for sending to my client. They just want to see or zoom on 3D perspektiv.

Ransom Ratcliff

Last month I posted on how we could get 9600 x7200 resolution from the OpenGL 3D live window on Mac in AC24 but lost that ability in AC25.

I also included a short video of how to do it so that the aspect ratio is not messed up and you don't have to keep undocking the 3D window.

Amazingly, the Views setup like this in AC24, retain their live updating and resolution after migration to AC25. So, the technology has not been totally eliminated under the hood of AC25.

BTW, having high resolution from the 3D window is another reason to update the default surfaces to brighter and more beautiful versions. Just be mindful of the index numbers so that the library, etc. continue to default to good surfaces. (There's about 30 years of Graphisoft tradition in the Archicad Library and surface indexes it references.)

Thank you. I will look at it trough Camera. I tried it just for 3D view (save) and it doesn't work on Mac. I extended size of window and saved it but when I dock the window back the size od 3D view changed to back. It's mean I couldn't save this size for Drawings.


- I'll let you know is this work.



Anyway my wish is same please let us set this quality of image somehow easier/user friendly.

Hi Ransom Ratcliff . For me it doesn't work 😕 the settings do nothing


I have Archicad 25 - 4013 SWE FULL

Here is video : 

Ransom Ratcliff

Hi Vojtech, sorry if I misunderstand.

But you say, "I have Archicad 25 - 4013 SWE FULL" and I explained in both posts that it worked in Archicad 24 but was disabled in Archicad 25.

Sorry, I could not tell from your video if you are testing AC24 or 25.

But I strongly agree with the "wish" that high resolution images should be enabled in Archicad. It has been a wish for a long time. It became really obvious when users got Retina screens or 4k screens on Windows, and they say the saved images or placed drawings dumb down the resolution by 50% from what we all could see on screen! Archicad was being so ridiculous that we could take a screenshot of what we could see and save it at the native resolution as an external PNG file, and then use that to at least get the resolution we could see on a large monitor!

And then it became an undocumented feature of AC24 that we could get even higher resolution on a View and place it as a drawing on a layout, than we could see on any monitor, if we used a camera view. Even better, we could do it without special video cards and it worked on Mac and Windows 10.

Then Graphisoft took it away again in AC25. So, my point was that we are asking for a very reasonable wish that should be easy to grant and a benefit to most users if they just knew about it. Indeed, if this technology were enabled again, the default DPI should be set to 240 or 300, instead of the ancient Mac Classic 72 DPI.

Easy, Live-updating, High-resolution views that do not require 3rd party tools like TM, would be a great feature for typical workflows in our industry. And we are so close to having it. There is a place for Rendering, but it is no substitute.

Thank you, I agree. Sorry for my video I linked corectli but I ccannost see it .

Anyway it's not important anymore 

Yes, I wish to fulfill our wish


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