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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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FINALLY be able to independently edit the layers of a composite wall/slab/roof: - to be able to give it a different status: to be demolished/created... - to be able to edit it in 3d so that each layer has its own dimension (length, width, height, or even different shape) - to be able to display or not a layer in plan/section/3d... - and many other things that reflect the way a building is constructed! THANKS !


it would also be useful to change the thickness of  an element of a composite directly on the plan or other view to save editing the composite


A renovation status for each layer would be great! I'm not sure about the possibility to change the thickness of all the layer: I would prefer to be able to set which layers are allowed to change thickness (mostly the internal air gap) and which ones are locked for other reasons (structural, insulation, etc.)

Josh Verran

Hi @NigelMX 
Not sure if this helps you, or if you already have tried out.
But if you select an instance of one of your composites, change the "structure" from composite to complex profile, you can then go in and set a custom modifier.
From that point onwards, any placed instance of this complex profile can have unique widths set.

In the example below I have set modifiers for height (top and bottom), no reason thou these can't be set to width.
One complex profile, mulitple variations.








Thanks Josh,


I have used profiles to control wall previously. It seemed to me it would be useful to increase the width of an composite element perhaps using a pet palette control

thanks anyway


Kalib Stewart

This is a critical addition. Complex profiles are slow to create and you're just doubling your libraries with slower and less adaptable tools.


Composites need inherent modifiers for each skin both vertically and horizontally with the ability to lock each parameter per skin per element. This would clean up junctions in sections, plans, 3d etc. Absolute NEED. No real wall buildups have every skin go the exact same height as the others; it's crazy this hasn't been addressed.


Secondly, we need the ability to hide and turn on composite/complex profile skins and as required. Core, finish, and other is also not enough variation in their purposes.

We also need additional height nodes and variable skin thicknesses such as Revit has. Archicad is hopeless at creating flat roofs and floors with multiple pitches. I don't want to place 10 roofs to achieve one design that may or may not need adjusting. In Revit, I can adjust nodes with an automatic label until I get the slopes I need on flat roofs and screeded showers. Sometimes I also need a flat structure, changing insulation depths, and then a fixed membrane thickness again.


Finally, an absolute must is the ability to graphically override individual skins as required. This includes hiding, graphic overrides for specific drawing types, and surfaces for each face. At present the annotation is so far behind where it should be because GO's etc are limited to elements, and not materials or skins. I don't want my entire wall bright red, just the linings that are a fire rated material.


So much still to be done on these and I haven't even got into an Archicad version of a sweep yet or the ability to edit a wall's profile shape!

Stefano fuma

will be fine!


This is fundamental, not only edit status (think insulating an existing building) but exactly as @Kalib Stewart wrote!


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