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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations


I am writing to propose an enhancement that I believe would greatly benefit the Archicad community: the introduction of a "FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS" feature in interior elevations. Currently, both the Elevation and Section markers have this functionality, and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for many users. This feature allows for a clearer and more professional presentation by fading out elements that are further away from the viewer, thereby enhancing the focus on the primary elements of interest. However, this same functionality is absent from the Interior Elevation marker settings. This omission seems puzzling, especially considering the frequent requests from users over the years for its inclusion. The addition of the "FADE DISTANT ELEMENTS" option in interior elevations would provide;


  • Enhanced Visual Clarity; which is crucial for interior design presentations and detailed drawings.
  • Consistent Presentation: With this feature available across all Section drawing types, users can maintain a consistent look and feel in their projects, improving the overall coherence and professionalism of their work.

Given the apparent benefits and the community's long-standing request for this feature, I strongly urge the Graphisoft development team to consider its implementation in future releases of Archicad. This enhancement would undoubtedly be a valuable addition, elevating the user experience and output quality for all interior elevation work.


Although I agree with the need - hasn't the fade environment function for design options shown where GS should go - enabling intuitive and interactive visibility control rather than keeping settings buried in viewpoint specific dialogs? It's a shame that the effect is just on-screen and limited to design options because properly developed with a criteria based Element Visibility Control  it could be truly awesome.


Agreed! I like to see the reference of cabinets behind either an island or peninsula without losing the focus on the frontmost area. No reason not to add this like it is in Sections.


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