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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Hello you lovely Archicad people,


right now we are trying to work with Archicad and pointclouds.

Please enhance the performance with pointclouds.


Have a look into

The performance is crazy and its all done in a web enviroment. We should try to implent something like this in Archicad.

first try could be a "browser" inside Archicad with webGL support.

second try could be a proxy modell of the webGL pointcloud inside the 3D window

and so on....


if you need an example contact me please. We have something to present. We are working with some talented people who are enhancing the potree functions and are working with big pointclouds.


There some addons like BIMmTool and they work fine but workin with pointclouds is an upcoming thing and right now its state of the art. we cant miss it and we have to be sharp regarding this field of architecture.


Performance Enhancement

Better Control of the pointcloud (pointsize,pointcount,pointcloudsize)

Better Control of the presentation

Controll of the color channels

Multi-Threating (i know different wish and section)


And the whole workflow should be reviewd, right now its a crazy amount of converting files through too many different formats...we start with the scannerfile, go to pointcloud formats and then we land in .lcfs....this is a really bad uncontrollable process.


I agree, something has to be done to improve the performance.

Currently, I'm working on a project where I need to build an Archicad model from the point cloud.

When I copy an element (with point cloud turned on), there is a lag of 10-15 seconds and then the element is copied.

If I copy the element and the point cloud is turned off, there is no lag.

It is frustrating...


And, I have a very fast PC, AMD 1950x with 128 gb of ram.


Yeah we are getting the same results. Its why we split the pointclouds in small different parts. Then we can control the view and performance via layermangement. It’s bad buts it’s the most useable workflow. We tried hotlinks,mod, etc. nothing was more handy tHen this workflow. But you have to know so many different software.


First of all you have to work on the pointclouds. 5mm Pointdistance? 25mm pointdistance? Clean it from everything we don’t need. There are services around which can handle this but it’s all about the money and control.

Bake for hours. Then you have to split the pointcloud to prepare it for Archicad. This is the most subsceptible workaround for mistakes. Get the positions of the bounding boxes right. Keep them in right position, cause maybe there will be a new pointcloudfile with added information. Yeah exactly they are overlapping cause there are milillion of points to „control“ or find. And then place it in Archicad with no helping tools.


if you work in teamwork, Archicad makes lcfs which have to be uploaded into the BIMcloud and then you have to place them as objects. With no „helper“ for placement. That’s not good. We know how to help ourself but it’s a very complicated workflow. People can produce many mistakes.


We got the 4GB boundings in Archicad, cause of performance issues. We can’t imagine anything else.

Look at this:

And it’s all done inside a web environment. Potree is an opensource project with its roots in an university project of some smart people. It’s fascinating how good this works.


it’s possible to work with gigantic pointclouds. To measure inside the cloud, to change views, to clip, to save views and so on. If you combine the pointclouds even with drone footage it’s getting more and more amazing. We can count screws on facade elements If this is kinda important for anyone 🙂

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear All,


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!

I'm glad to say that this is an existing wish in our Wish list database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-3983)


I hope we see this get implemented in the future.


Have a great day!

Best regards,


I'd like to extend this request and say that we need to be able to disable snapping to point clouds. In most use cases, it just comes in the way and disturbs normal modeling workflow. Sometimes it's useful, but usually it just slows me down and introduces chaos due to geometry being accidentally snapped to one of the points.


Yes I agree, ArchiCAD needs to improve Point cloud performance and management plus Point Cloud editing would be great.
I use ArchiCAD for Design and a Faro S70 for 3D Scanning and I must say I"ve had to use Autodesk ReCap a few times (which works well) to prep Point clouds when providing them to Autodesk users

I'd rather use Archicad Software, for Point cloud placement & editing, it would be great to see an intergration similar to CineRender


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