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Josh Verran

I feel like I'm missing something here, but when you perform a solid operation (for example: cut a flat area out of a sloping site mesh) you can see that affect in all views except plan views.


My wish would be to have the ability to show all object accurately in plan, which would include there current shape, not their shape prior to being operated on


"plan view is an orthographic projection of a 3-dimensional object from the position of a horizontal plane through the object. In other words, a plan is a section viewed from the top. In such views, the portion of the object above the plane is omitted to reveal what lies beyond. In the case of a floor plan, the roof and upper part of the walls may be left out. Basically, a plan view is just another name for the top view of a 3D object".


3D View3D ViewElevationElevationPlanPlanSectionSection


@Josh Verran  I'm assuming that you are trying to show the outline of the cut area on the Plan view right? Usually, I would first create a 2D outline using the line tool on the cut area on the Mesh (Plan view), then after that, select the Mesh (Plan view), then select the Mesh Tool (whilst the mesh object is still been highlighted), after that press & hold the Space bar to activate the Magic Wand, then do a single click right on the 2D outline of the cut area, after a little dialogue box will ask you whether you would like to cut etc, hit ok, then you will be able to see the outline of the cut area. I hope this helps.

Barry Kelly

This is a wish many have made - not saying it is a bad wish.


As you wrote the plan view is a basically a top view of a 3D object.

This is not quite the case in Archicad.

The plan view is a symbolic top view, not an actual top view.


However, try this.

In you plan, right mouse click and choose "New 3D Document From Floor Plan".

Is this closer to what you want?

You can adjust the 3D Document settings to eliminate the colours and just have lines.

I am not saying it will be perfect, but give it a go.





This is a sub-optimal solution and is only viable if dealing with a few instances. The more SEO and "corresponding" 2D linework, the more time-consuming maintenance associated with updating linework as SEO changes.

Erwin Edel

Drag a copy of both the mesh and the operators to the side, select the mesh, right click and 'convert selection to morph(s).


If you somehow ended up with more than one morph, select the morphs, right click, boolean operations, union.


A morph offers pretty much the same plan and section options as a mesh and gives you the ability to hide edges by selecting them and picking 'hidden'.


Always keep your original mesh, incase you need to make changes. Adjusting morphs is very time consuming.


Just an alternative work around.


You could also relocate to the west of Netherlands where I can just use a slab for terrain, since it is flat 😉


Depending on the type of cut, you could use the opening tool, which works on meshes and shows in plan.

Johan Stinckens

A lot of replies, but these are all "navigating" past or around the issue at hand, which is clearly an "issue". A "symbolic" view can be an option, but an "actual" top view is a must. Why opt for object-oriented desiging/drawing if we need 2D polylines to make it readable!


Are we that "conditioned" that we just think in "work arounds", and are satisfied if we are handed one?!


Still truly believe in the power of Archicad, but there's a need for dedication to the product from the development side.


Get it in the wish list!

Josh Verran

Hi Johan


You've hit the nail on the head, some great workarounds and explanations for why we need workarounds, however doesn't really address the shortfalls with the tool/views.

Karl Ottenstein

@Josh Verran Agree with your wish, but please search the forums before posting a new wish.  This has been wished for since at least 2008, from a quick search of "solid element operation plan view":


Over the years, Graphisoft has acknowledged how important this is to most of us and assures us that it is high on their list, but is more complicated than we think it would be (in order to maintain good 2D performance).


Still, folks should 'like' yours and other similar wishes to show support for this. 🙂


Josh Verran

Good point, thanks Karl.
I will go "liking" on those posts.

Johan Stinckens



I'm sorry, but I kindly disagree!


If any of these posts had resulted  in an actual solution that would be absolutely right.

There would be no need for a new topic or replying to a rather new one.


So GS is promising this since 2008, and there's new topics from 2013, 2018 and 2020. And still it isn't included in any of the many releases since then. It might be complicated, but that doesn't mean it should be pushed forward that long.


Anyway, if a post is quite old, and replies have died out over the years, I don't think it is that bad to create a new one. Also, it isn't always that easy for everyone to ask the right questions when in need of an answer. The recent "refurbishement" of the GS forum makes it even harder for me to find what I am looking for.




Have you marked my previous comment as a "solution"?! Not sure if this is the best way to go! You are right if you hope more people find their way to this comment and ask GS to just do this for AC26. So Kudos for that!


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