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ArchiCAD Export to Cinema 4D - Add Realism with Bevels

We do architectural design using ArchiCAD and then export to C4D and create our renders. While all of this works very well, the big problem we're having is that nothing is beveled. Unfortunately, all of the geometry that comes in to C4D from ArchiCAD is triangulated and beveling doesn't work too well. We have had to recreate every single element in order to bevel, and beyond this taking a huge amount of time/resources, some of the objects are complex (sliding doors, furniture, etc.) and are very difficult to recreate without spending days on each object.

Is there a solution for this? Is there a way to add the realism of proper bevels in C4D with imported ArchiCAD models?
ArchiCAD 25 | Cinema 4D R23
12-Core Mac Pro (2 x 3.46 6-Core Xeon, 64GB DDR3)
OS X 11.2.3
AMD Sapphire Pulse Radeon 5700 XT (8gb)

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Wow, that's, great, happy that you found a solution (it feels great when you do).
Oh, Vray, I heard about the round edge option in the materials, but never really dig into it (last time I use vray was like 2 years ago) good that this works for you.

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BTW, forgot to tell you, you can also export it by going to the 3d view and save as C4d, I don't know if you will have the same result or not, but you can try to see.
Check the attached pic, the door geometry is quite clean, and this is without doing anything in cinema 4D.

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