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Robust BIMx updates

As of September 27, 2023, the following enhancements make BIMx a more efficient collaboration tool and provide unified functionalities across mobile, web, and desktop platforms.Get the latest BIMx iOS...


macOS 14 Sonoma has been released

Dear Community members, We have been continuously testing our solutions on the beta versions of the operating system and working on maintaining compatibility. We are not aware of any major compatibili...


Sustainable design goes bigger with BIM

In our new Client Success Story, we uncover the remarkable journey of SIEBERT + TALAŠ, an international architecture firm based in Bratislava and Prague, renowned for their focus on digital workflows ...


Hot topics

Unwanted Master GDL in the libraries

Hi everyone, for some years now, we have been battling some unwanted Master GLD Libraries in our Teamwork projects. I have recently found out, that other offices are facing the same occurrence.Let me explain what is happening...We start the project w...

agroni_0-1696103391844.png agroni_1-1696103432512.png
agroni by Booster
  • 0 replies

How to calculate the no. of bricks in archicad 26

In this new version of AC 26, in schedule only we can get the no. of bricks calulate as per the experssion we give (formula for brick calculation), it isnot coming why?I tried this method also, but after creating the brick quantity the list is not sh...

Roopa A by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Change project zero height

Hi, Is there an easy way to relocate the level zero in a project? I have a renovation project, the initial project zero has been redefined as the project advances and I would like to change it with out disrupting the model. In other words I would lik...

GS LMT License KEYS not found change user

OS - MAC SONOMA public beta.Archicad version 26 latest every time we restart the system we are loosing the license and its says that codemeter is not running.please solve the problem

Vinaya J by Participant
  • 2 replies

Door and Window Screens

For some who may not know how to do this, it's not something you need to model. It can be done by just applying the correct Surface to a very thin Morph. The effect is that the Surface will cut the holes in the screen. Perhaps ArchiCAD already has th...

SteveJepson_0-1696037674185.png SteveJepson_1-1696040382206.png SteveJepson_2-1696040601918.png

Parts missing from DWG import

Hi, I am experiencing a weird issue when trying to import a DWG into ArchiCAD 26. I'm trying to create a mesh from the lines but parts of the DWG are just missing. When I open it in the Autodesk online viewer the DWG looks great but in ArchiCAD some ...

echam17 by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

BIMx introduction

My BIMx app automatically updated yesterday and the first time I used it there was a nice introduction/tutorial about how to use the app. And I was wondering when I send a BIMx link to a client for the first time, do they also see this tutorial?

Linking an Excel file

Can I link an excel file to AC, without losing the formatting? Is it possible to make an excel file automatically update in AC (after I edit it in Excel)?

Gisele by Advocate
  • 1 replies

Export then Import a favorite CW Custom panel

How to export then Import the custom door that I have saved in the favorites as GSL-CRTN-Wall-Door? (I do not want to export/import the entire library. Alos, I need to export the door from one computer and import it in another computer).

Fav.jpg custom panel.jpg
Gisele by Advocate
  • 1 replies

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