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Workflow Webinar Series

Dear Community members, We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new monthly Workflow Webinar Series. The webinars will focus on technical procedures using Archicad, presented by users from the g...


[Video Series] Discover Graphisoft Learn

Learn BIM, your way! Discover Graphisoft Learn is a new video series on YouTube that introduces the Graphisoft Learn Portal, its offerings, the team behind the learning courses, the Graphisoft Communi...


BIMx Web and Desktop – Additional Features Are Live

The browser and desktop versions of BIMx continue catching up with the functionality of the mobile apps (see the list of previous updates in BIMx News here). Now, Favorite saving and Presentation feat...


Hot topics

Skill assessment on Linkedin!

It would be great if Graphisoft adds a skill assessment on Linedin for Archicad. Some might find it a redundant feature but since it exists I think it can boost the confidence and visibility of potential job candidates! Revit has one so why not Archi...

Copy and Paste in ArchiCAD 27

Whatever the way I used, I couldn't paste the following drawing I copied from ArchiCAD 27 to ArchiCAD 27 within the same file : I would appreciate your insigths on that.

Mjules Mentor
  • 0 replies

VALUES and Model View Options

I'd like to create an object with A=B and 2 values for A and B: 1 or 2. If A(or B) = 1 then it draws a square.If A(or B) = 2 then it draws a circle. In addition to this (simple) object, I'd like to be able to set offset hotspots on the circle and squ...

Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 16.53.47.png Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 17.02.56.png

Recent Projects at Startup --- is dangerous

The Recent Projects at Startup is nothing but trouble in a group environment with more than one person taking turns working on a solo project. Please give us a way to disable this feature - this is costing me money and apparently there is no way to g...

gdford Advisor
  • 0 replies

Conditional branching (again) - use of IFS

I really struggle with multiple conditions in GDL. The IFS command seems to be the simplest and does what I want but the AC27 GDL editor doesn't like it. I'm building a parametric manhole object, and need to set the size based on the depth and number...

Forum really slow to load

I'm finding this forum really slow to load pages - about 10 seconds after each click. No issue with any other website or forum, just this one. Does anyone else experience it?

INT to Czech

Hello,I would like to ask how could i change the version of archcad from INT to czech. I have education version and I tried to apply for czech verison but it didn´t work.

filip8 Newcomer
  • 1 replies

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