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Sustainable design goes bigger with BIM

In our new Client Success Story, we uncover the remarkable journey of SIEBERT + TALAŠ, an international architecture firm based in Bratislava and Prague, renowned for their focus on digital workflows ...


Technology Preview Program: What’s next?

Dear Community, Thanks to everyone who joined the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023! Your feedback, insights, and dedication are invaluable in helping us improve Archicad. Coming up next: Arc...


Presenting the winners of the Flex Your BIMx challenge!

Dear Community Members, This Summer we launched the Flex Your BIMx challenge, inviting you to submit your best works in the most popular design presentation and coordination app out there. As you may ...


How BIM transformed a top 30 global practice

Our new Client Success Story reveals how a 1000+ strong global practice embedded BIM to deliver design freedom and process efficiency. LWK + PARTNERS is a leading architectural and design practice in ...


Hot topics

3D View North Orientation

Hello, Usually i work on the plan that is not always with the north up, it can be sideways or down.I wonder how is it possible to link or set the already created 3D views that will show the correct shadows for example the north is facing down this ti...

qingdom by Booster
  • 0 replies

Electrical Objects

Hello,Is there a library for electrical objects that are 3D modelled and have the correct electrical symbol in the floorplan? I just want to place one object and has the right 3D display in my section and just the electrical symbol in the floorplan. ...

Cannot open two ArchiCad files simultaneously

Hi. Everyone says that it is possible to open a minimum of two files on archicad. But if I want to do that, it always closes the already opened file to open the second file. Do I have to change something in the settings?I have a Macbook Pro 16" 2021 ...

Finding missing macro

I separated this object from a lcf file but i haven't obviously brought across the macro (I'm guessing macro is another object which together with other macros makes up the object) so how can i find the exact obj or file name of the macro missing


Redefine Favourites

Hi all,Hope everyone is doing well.Our team has created a curtain wall favorite but when we want to return and "redefine" it, the option is greyed out.Can anyone share what the possible issue is?Only the one curtain wall element is selected here in t...

FWS by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Extract wall composite name with API (AC26)

I would like to extract the composite name from walls, slabs, and roofs using the API. I have got all the other information I need (dimensions, instance name, etc) but I am struggling to find where to get composite info. I have attached 2 screenshots...

YourQS by Participant
  • 1 replies

Masterformat data parsing by property expression

The Master format classification system has a typical character size of xx xx xx --> 8 characters, in some instances it has three more characters like xx xx xx.xx which is 11 characters. Using the archicad built-in masterformat classification system ...

gdford by Advisor
  • 2 replies

BIMx Issues

I am using AC26 and exported to a BIMx file. The sheets were visible in BIMx and when I tried to open in 3D, this is the message I got: "This Hyper-model was created in an unsupported version of Archicad. Please install the latest Archicad update and...

win-q by Contributor
  • 4 replies

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