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Sustainable design goes bigger with BIM

In our new Client Success Story, we uncover the remarkable journey of SIEBERT + TALAŠ, an international architecture firm based in Bratislava and Prague, renowned for their focus on digital workflows ...


Technology Preview Program: What’s next?

Dear Community, Thanks to everyone who joined the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023! Your feedback, insights, and dedication are invaluable in helping us improve Archicad. Coming up next: Arc...


Presenting the winners of the Flex Your BIMx challenge!

Dear Community Members, This Summer we launched the Flex Your BIMx challenge, inviting you to submit your best works in the most popular design presentation and coordination app out there. As you may ...


How BIM transformed a top 30 global practice

Our new Client Success Story reveals how a 1000+ strong global practice embedded BIM to deliver design freedom and process efficiency. LWK + PARTNERS is a leading architectural and design practice in ...


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Feature Request: Keep archicad in background when opening

Here is something that consistently bugs me: Working on a Mac, when Archicad is opening, it jumps to being the active application several times during the opening process. If I am working in another application, Archicad will jump to being the active...

MEP Control Information

Good morning, I tested the AC27 technology version and I noticed that there is no way to control the slopes of the MEP networks once placed. Neither in the tool nor in the classification manager. I have to make cuts on each segment to be sure that ev...

Camu by Participant
  • 0 replies

Zone with strange additional geometry

Some created zones have a strange geometry appearing as an additional element. Not possible to delete or change it in any way. Appears both on plan views and 3D. What is causing it and how to get rid of it?

KA8 by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

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