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Sustainable design goes bigger with BIM

In our new Client Success Story, we uncover the remarkable journey of SIEBERT + TALAŠ, an international architecture firm based in Bratislava and Prague, renowned for their focus on digital workflows ...


Technology Preview Program: What’s next?

Dear Community, Thanks to everyone who joined the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023! Your feedback, insights, and dedication are invaluable in helping us improve Archicad. Coming up next: Arc...


Presenting the winners of the Flex Your BIMx challenge!

Dear Community Members, This Summer we launched the Flex Your BIMx challenge, inviting you to submit your best works in the most popular design presentation and coordination app out there. As you may ...


How BIM transformed a top 30 global practice

Our new Client Success Story reveals how a 1000+ strong global practice embedded BIM to deliver design freedom and process efficiency. LWK + PARTNERS is a leading architectural and design practice in ...


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modelling in archicad

hey everyone! im wanting to make an earthquake looking crack in archicad, any suggestions or thoughts on how to do thisthanks a bunch :))

keily by Participant
  • 1 replies

Hello, changing siding reveal sizes....

Hello, anyone know of a way to change the siding size in the 'surfaces' to be a 7" or 6.5" reveal instead of the system library of only the three sizes of 4",6", or 8"?Yes, I imagine I could draw each individual siding piece but would prefer not to.I...

S-A-L by Participant
  • 1 replies

Preserve photo quality and colors saved into pdf #2

Hi! I mistakenly placed original post as solved but it is not solved. I have problem with Archicad saving layouts into pdf with darker colors and low quality photos/drawings. All looks good in archicad but once it process and save into pdf then it is...

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