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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Graphisoft Insiders

Are you passionate about Graphisoft products and services? Are you excited about what's coming next for our solutions? If so, the Graphisoft Insiders program is perfect for you!

At Graphisoft, we value collaboration, innovation, and user feedback; we rely on your input to develop solutions that meet your needs. Our exclusive Insiders program was created specifically for professionals like you. As an Insider, you'll have a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtains and contribute to creating products and services that are better than ever.

Applications closed for now

You can apply in our next call.
We’ll announce it on Graphisoft Insights.

What is the Graphisoft Insiders program?

Insiders brings together a selected group of AEC industry experts and enthusiasts who share a deep passion for our solutions. We select participants based on diverse practice experiences and delivery methods, whom we expect to provide us with constructive feedback.

As Insiders, you will be added to a pool, from which we recruit participants for activities such as interviews, usability tests, surveys and more. Through these activities, your contributions help us shape our developments, allowing you to have a say in the direction of Graphisoft solutions.


  • Current Graphisoft customer with active license;
  • Active participant in Graphisoft Community, events, challenges, training;
  • Technically skilled in BIM processes and other tools

What is the Graphisoft Insiders Panel?

The Panel is a smaller, hand-picked group of Graphisoft Insiders who are ready for an elevated level of Insider activities. Panel members help validate our solutions through workshops, webinars, and forum discussions, enjoying direct interaction with the Graphisoft team.


  • Current Graphisoft customer with active license using latest software versions
  • Holds important roles in the AEC community and can offer meaningful feedback
  • Active participant in various feedback channels (e.g. Graphisoft Community; events; Community Challenges and competitions; training or education programs; and Technology Preview testing)
  • Technically skilled in a variety of tools and BIM processes

All applications are reviewed by the Insiders Panel Board, which consists of 2 Graphisoft representatives and 3 Community users. The Board selects applicants who have both technical skills and strategic insight into the industry's future. We look for thought leaders in their industry and region, who can provide the Graphisoft team with valuable feedback from a strategic perspective.

Board members:

Thomson Architecture
Staab Architekten GmbH

Which solutions will I be able to test?

As an Insider, you get a chance to test and provide feedback on future developments for Archicad, DDScad, BIMcloud, BIMx, Learn, Community, and more.

What benefits do I get as an Insider?

  • Early access: get a sneak peek into upcoming features and developments before they are released publicly. Stay ahead of the curve and explore new functions in advance.
  • Influence and contribution: communicate directly with Product and Service Managers, UX Designers, and UX Researchers.
  • Rewards and recognition: we value your efforts and invested time. You can expect some rewards on the way.

How do I apply?

Fill out our registration form for us to better understand your professional background. Rest assured, your data is safe with us, and we will only use it for recruiting purposes.

Please note that participation in this program requires accepting a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Graphisoft, as you will be granted access to confidential developments. Any information you gain during this program cannot be shared with anyone, not even other Community members.

Note: we are currently closed to applications. Stay tuned on Graphisoft Insights to learn when is the next opportunity to join our program!

What's next?

Once you've applied, we'll carefully consider your background and include you in activities that are a good fit for your expertise and interests. All activities are invitation-based, and you'll receive further instructions and details on how to participate.

Join our Insiders program and help us build the future of Graphisoft solutions together!