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Libraries & objects
About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

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Kitchen cabinets - editing heights and static knobs?

Hello, Recently, I have noticed that it has been impossible to change the height of the base cabinet 25 via the 'info box', and instead this must be done in the 'object selection settings'. Any ideas before I go down a rabbit hole of playing 'trial a...

nhross by Contributor
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Tags & Labelling Option not available

Hi There, My work computer allows me to display the door size and has the tags & labelling option available in the hinged door settings for archicad 26, but when i load the same job with archicad 26 to my home computer the option disappears which mea...

Resolved! GDL and Regex

Hi, How long has GDL had Regex functionality in Texts or Textblocks? I don't think I ever noticed it before. Is there a way to ask GDL to ignore the Regex language? Cheers,Shaun.

Custom Door Marker

Is there a way to create an automatic custom Door Marker where the width feet is standard text width inches superscript text height feet standard text height inches superscript text (2680) similar to the attached pic? Ideally the text would follow th...

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 12.11.44 PM.png

Auto-resize label to fit autotext

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a custom zone stamp label. It relies on a series of autotexts as shown in the video below. When I create the label, and place it, it does take on the attributes of the zone, but it also resizes the text box in a wei...

ColinGdB by Participant
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Resolved! Default edges color change of an imported 3dm object

Hello,I hope this one is clear...I have imported 3dm object to Archicad. Although everything is fine, one thing wrong is pen color of an object of edges in 3D view. Thus, via settings it is not variable, I've also tried to vary the parameters but cou...

Ekrano kopija (165).png
Devonha by Booster
  • 1 replies

Custom Object with Editable Label

I am trying to make custom objects for appliances, and I can't figure out how to save the objects with a label that can be edited and "always readable." See example below. I modeled the range and made it appear as I wished in 2D and 3D, and in 2D, I ...

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 4.52.26 PM.png
EH21 by Booster
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A serious error has occurred while downloading

Archicad 26 does not allow me to see when searching objects the BIM Components options to download (yes it's selected to appear). Even on the website I can't "drag to Archicad" because also gets a serious error.I'm using the Archicad 26 5006 BRA EDU ...

ACfnkart by Participant
  • 1 replies

Commercial Kitchen Objects

Looking for a library of common commercial restaurant, bar and kitchen objects. I can't seem to locate a good library, even at a cost. Thanks!

dharch by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Pivot doors built into window components

Hello, I am trying to make a window in my Facade that includes a Pivot door. So far, the closest thing to it that I can make is a reversible opening. Since the window openings are separate from door types, I would love to either be able to edit the p...

Door Error

In Archicad 22 when I use an arched door, the hole in the wall it is square doesn't follow the arch of the is not with a library part that happens, but with Archicad door library!!Any help

Pippo by Participant
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Unable to save a custom curtain wall panel

I'm trying to create a custom curtain wall panel but, however, I do not see that option available under the "Save Selection As" menu. I'm working in Archicad 25 Solo. Does anyone know if that option is only available is some versions of Archicad? Or ...

Screenshot 2023-05-10 101133.png
ptaylor by Participant
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Archicad - Archicad translater system

Hey guys, our current office issue is that when copying elements / attributes from past projects, into our new template, we are struggling to control attributes imported. Is there a system to import Archicad file blocks, using custom translator, simi...

Resolved! Delete Missing Library Parts - From Favourites

I have tried all the suggestions I can find on how to clean up this Missing Parts Warning but am unable to make anything work as there seems to be no way to Delete the files?? I don't have access to the A14 library and in any case don't want the item...

Ode1 by Booster
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Same item, missing instance in library

Good morning, I created an object for the BIMcloud library here in the office, and the architects started using it. However, when saving a new version of the object (created from another object but with the same name and in the same location in the l...

Error reports on 3D views

The model I am working on has a few complex profiles. I have been through the steps I know: - libraries missing or duplicate objects- large size files on embedded libraries and/or modules I don't understand the information on this report fully partic...

Edge Beams on the Slab

Hi , i cant find a way to fill up these gaps everytime i put the slabs on. My current issues in pic 1 and i want to make my slabs look like pic 2. TY

Screenshot (840).png image.png

Large Missing Library & Duplicates

PLEASE HELP! Ive just started at a new firm and they seem to have some major issues with missing.duplicate library parts. I have found a total of 32,000!!! I assume most is from migration libraries but have no clue where or what to start to remove or...

Skylight Room Number

Hi everyone,I've been trying for a long time to give Skylight a room name and a room number but I just can't find the right answer.I think I am missing something.Has anyone had a similar issue?Thanks in advance.

Fst by Beginner
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Resolved! Migration Library

I'm moving to Archicad25 from 22 and want to bring the migration library into my file. I've added the library to the library manager but when I go to place an object, the migration library no longer appears as an option in the object menu. I've also ...

Migration01.JPG Migration02.JPG
t_fo3 by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! hide wall endings

Is it possible to hide wall endings seperatly from walls in Archicad 25? I see it is not possible to move only wall endings to another layer as well it is not possible to filter them out at "View_Elements in 3D view " option I would like to show wall...

ananas by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Holes on complex profile (metalwork)

Good morning,I have tried making holes on complex profile (simple bolt holes on a steel plate) and it does not seem possible to decide the axis with respect to which the hole will be placed: as if the beams can be drilled only perpendicular to their ...

L-Sacco by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! I am trying to make a 150mm thick insulation.

1. Profile Manger I want to make it like this, but the reality is like this.Is there any possible way? Profile Manger 2. I made it like this. profile manager this is section However, this gray section is created.And even with SOE, the result is the s...

LeeJaeYoung_0-1683012690367.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1683012796021.png LeeJaeYoung_0-1683013039342.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1683013129995.png

Resolved! Zone labels in section

Hi, just wondering how people avoid manually labelling spaces again and again with every new section cut through a model? Given that zones can now appear in sections, is there any reason that zone labels do not? What am I missing? What is best practi...

Flip Wall Reference Line

Hi Community. I am trying to change the shortcut key for Flip Wall Reference Line (P). Where could I find it in the work environment? Thanks. Archicad 26 EDU

LuGine by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Embedded Library - Recurring Contamination

Hi there We have a recurring issue on almost all jobs.The embedded library becomes populated with about ~20 folders (Master_GDL type files).Which in turn imports hundreds of new attributes. The embedded library in our template is empty.We have a reso...

Screenshot 2023-04-21 081614.jpg

My ci tools coverings are unresponsive

Im working on a project where I have to put coverings on my walls and choose a specific material for my roof but my CI toold coverings are unresponsive whenever I click on it, no box that comes out for options. Has anybody else had this problem? Also...

Archi7 by Participant
  • 1 replies

Error in Windows 2D symbols.

I noticed an inconsistent representation of the 2D symbol of the windows, i.e. the opening mark which seems to be sized on the glass and not on the opening frame. This becomes particularly evident in the case of very wide frames.

Schermata 2023-04-25 alle 09.50.24.png

Resolved! 3D window with aluminium sill - not right

Hi I'm struggling with Windows I'm trying to do it right but I cannot figured out.I need window which is opening inside and have aluminium sill and I get this. This is obviously not right do you know what i'm doing wrong ? I set window with sun going...

Skärmavbild 2023-04-25 kl. 08.49.44.jpg Skärmavbild 2023-04-25 kl. 08.51.05.jpg Skärmavbild 2023-04-25 kl. 08.50.44.jpg Skärmavbild 2023-04-25 kl. 08.48.14.jpg

CI Cabinet Tool

Hi There, Can the CI cabinet tool be used in an education version of ArchiCAD? The coverings work ok but the cabinet tool isn't showing up under my design tools. Thanks for your help.

Laka55 by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Copying elements between two different plans in AC24 on Mac

Hi there, I am trying to copy a window element from one plan into another plan using AC24 with Mac. (I have two projects open with AC24). When I perform the copy and try to paste into the other plan the copy clipboard is empty ? I remember doing this...

mthd by Advisor
  • 11 replies

Resolved! Green Fills and Lines

Hi, So ive seen this Topic a few places on the forum, however the solution is never posted. Can anyone help me with this, why are my lines and fills suddenly green? Trace Reference is off - if anyone was wondering.

Skjermbilde 2023-04-24 084449.jpg
Masimo85 by Contributor
  • 3 replies

GDL: 2D Object Origin

Hi all, Is there a way to set the origin of a 2D object created from the floorplan? I am wanting to add the option of calling a custom symbol, but the origin is always the bottom left no matter the position of the original saved out elements when mea...

Curtain wall - overrides not working

Hello everyone, I have this problem with a curtain wall. As you can see in the pictures, although I've changed the settings for all frames to have an anthracite texture, for some reason the overrides are not applied. I've also tried to change the bui...

Curtain Wall 01.JPG Curtain Wall 02.JPG
Traian by Participant
  • 1 replies

pdf export image

Hello there!I have a small problem with the pdfs that i export. I do the floorplan designs on worksheets, and i add images. Some don't have a background. I set the image's background transparent on the panel (comes up with ctrl+t) and it looks fine o...

3D only showing lines

Hello! I was using one layer and when i turned all layers on the project is in lines. i have tried changing the 3d styles,but nothing changes.

Sann1 by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Libraries won't load

I am on windows. My consultant is on a Mac (intel based). She installed 26 build 5002 without installing build 3001. The application opened but the objects are just dots. She uninstalled and reinstalled correctly. The application will not show up in ...

Layer visibility possible bug

I've noticed in two cases so far that elements where hidden while their layers were on. I had to go to the layers and turn them off and on for the elements to reappear. This does not look normal. Any one noticed something similar??

Botonis by Advocate
  • 0 replies

Random unselect able dimension appear

Hi All,We are using ArchiCAD 24. We have a large project with hotlinks in a main model using Teamwork. Occasionally what happens is that there are random dimensions that appear. They are all over the place and cannot be selected. They are not any par...


How to select all objects in a layer

There is a post asking the same question, but this is from 2010, and I can't follow the steps in the answer. I want to select all the objects in a specified layer, which may contain multiple types of objects. How do I do this for Archicad 26?


Resolved! Complex Profile Chamfer

Hi I am trying to create a complex profile wall, with a chamfer brick on the top. I want the chamfer to remain constant no matter the depth or height f the wall, but just cant seem to make this happen. I have tried offset modifiers for the chamfer de...

Composite Walls with finishes not connecting properly

Any idea why these two don't connect properly? Concrete Building Material set to 900, CMU to 800. Saved as cores in composite walls. All else is less of a priority in BM and saved as "other" & "finish". Walls on the same layer. The finishes should co...

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 10.03.53.png Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 10.03.58.png
MrSoleil by Participant
  • 5 replies

columns and beams end cuts Acad 18

Good morning, I would like to know whether in the archicad 18 environment there is a possibility to create an inclined beam or column profile that starts with a cut perpendicular to the plane and ends with a cut parallel to the plane (the reinforceme...

L-Sacco by Participant
  • 0 replies

Slow archicad

Hi! I don't know why, but since last thursday my archicad has been very slow. And when I mean very slow, I mean archicad is taking 5 minutes to make sections to show. And if I even think about changing the photo frame, it slows down. I can make a one...

Vennaria by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Edit Multiple Points of Polyline

Is it possible to edit multiple points of a polyline while leaving others unchanged? For example move all of the points within the red box to the right while keeping their relationship to one another (within the red box) the same? The remaining 3 con...

Screenshot 2023-04-17 065102.png
pbg by Booster
  • 4 replies

Find&Select reverts settings after TW Send&Receive

AC 25 6000 USA. Not sure what triggers the problem, but - with a layout window active, decided to to over all layouts moving everything to the Archicad layer, - open Find&Select, change the previous settings (walls, of a given construction, with give...

Ignacio by Advisor
  • 0 replies

Curved Roof & Gutter

Hi Archicad Community, I'm working on a CAD model of an existing building that has a lot of curves in the walls, and warped roofs. As the project will involve extending the building with more of the same, I need to create the building as it exists to...

Can you create 3D partial floor plans?

I'm going to talk about working with reinforcement drawings.You need to take a part from the floor plan and place the reinforcing bars.The floor plans partially imported from archicad are converted to 2D. Can 3D reinforcement be placed on them?Will i...

simbolic cut of wooden roof elements in section

Hi, can anyone advise me how to do these "X" cut symbols on cut wooden columns (see floor plan below)... ... to be be visible also in beams and other linear wooden roof elements in section below: How to change them from a solid grey fill (defined by ...

Rastisan_0-1681493946282.png Rastisan_1-1681494137275.png

Parametric 2D window symbol

Hi, I'm looking for the simplest way to create a parametric/resizable 2D window symbol. I've attached an image of the symbol—ideally there would be parameters for window height, wall thickness, casing size, etc. Is this possible without spending a to...

bimlord by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Pocket Door 26 not working

Am i the only one having issues with Pocket Door 26? Context:-open a fresh instance of AC-create a wall-place a Pocket Door 26 Issue:-After stretching it a few times in plan view ie. making it smaller a few times, followed by making it larger the lea...

Door Panel Only Shows on One Side in Elevation

Hi All, I'm having a problem with the AC26\ door D1 26... I'm using the single panel configuration for the leaf and the panel, rails, and stiles only show up on the exterior of the door. I've attached a couple of screen shots of the exterior and inte...

KOAN by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Embedding 2D Symbols to 3D Objects

Hi everyone, Is there a way to add/embed 2D plant symbols to a 3D Plant Object? The 3D object I am currently using in my drawings has 8 2D symbols and I would like to add a 9th one into it. I want to do so because I have already completed my planting...

Bhavya by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Duplicate Library parts

    Attached is a screenshot of the list of duplicate items (placeable and non-placeable duplicates). Can I safely delete the non-placeable?

Gisele by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

final wall finish in line with door jamb

Hi Any suggestions how to achieve a desired door design? I would like to to have final wall/ finish layer being in line with the door jamb (door egress lines marked as red)?I've been trying to find a solution with custom closure in door settings, but...


2 identical houses but mirrored

I have a job with two identical house that are side by side and mirrored to each other. If a draw the left one to completion, can I make a copy for the right one so that all the views are mirrored too so that I dont have to draw them twice? Ive notic...

Too Long by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Can't make a line dashed.

Any advice on troubleshooting that a line refuses to be set to dashed. Hitting the 'Line Selection Setting' and selecting the desired dash doesn't change it. Tried toggling through 'uniform..' , 'drafting line', "cut" and not cut.Tried repair the fil...

S-A-L by Participant
  • 6 replies

Unable to edit any metrics of objects, doors, walls...

Hi everyone!I cannot edit any parameters of objects, doors, walls and so on since once I changed the width of two objects simultaneously (maybe I have pressed something unconsciously) I tried with another file and the situation is quite the same. Any...

KatCAD by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Opening Cabinet Doors in 3D Archicad 25 & 26?

Back in Archicad 24 we used to have the ability to open cabinet doors in 3D, but in my travels through AC25, and now AC26 i see there's still no way to do this. Seems like a step backwards in visualization features. Has there been any news on when or...

Jackson by Contributor
  • 0 replies

Trace Reference really slow again

Has something changed wrt Trace Reference lately? Performance has really gone downhill, especially when drawing/editing walls Specifically, if I select a wall when TR is on, the 'Structure' icon/button in the Info Box flickers constantly, as if some ...

JohnJay by Expert
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Twin Motion / DataSmith

Although we are up to AC 26, we have a project in AC 24 that we are trying to import into the latest TwinMotion via directlink in TwinMotion. TwinMotion recognizes the file from their directlink menu. However, you have to have the DataSmith plugin in...

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 11.50.55 AM.png
rm by Expert
  • 8 replies

Weight of hiden slab lines

hi, can't figure out how to set the line thickness of the hidden board.After setting the line in the lower set element, the line type and color will change, but the thickness will remain the same as the contour line that is in the setting above it.  

archicad forum 2.png archicad forum 1.png

How do you arrange reinforcement in Archicad?

1. Should I use Eptar rebar?Is this really a good choice???? 2. What is Total Length - Length = 120 to 120? 12,000 - 20 - 20 = 11,960 Length Total Length 11,960 - 12,080 = 120 ???? 3. Does eptar support API? 4. I want to ask a question about eptar re...

LeeJaeYoung_3-1680911963064.png LeeJaeYoung_2-1680911879136.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1680911814363.png

Fill an arch opening

Hi everyone,I'm new to archicad I hope you can help meI created a Mansory arch type opening with a brick vault. Now I have to close it with a new wall so that I have it as a new element in the renovation.I tried with operations on solids but I don't ...

Pietrob by Participant
  • 0 replies

Trim multiple objects 2023

Hi there, Since this question has been raised more then 10 years ago, now is there a way to trim multiple lines at the same time with one cutting line ? going one by one makes no sense.Thank you, -CC


Surfaces Not Showing in Hotlinked Modules

I've got site file that I then hotlink in several buildings. Usually this works fine, however, now the surface materials on the walls of the buildings aren't showing on the hotlinked modules. Slabs, roofs, etc. all the other elements seem to show the...

arlouper by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Elevation story marker not showing all levels

I'm having an issue with my elevations, I'm sure I'm just missing something somewhere, but I'm doing a split level house with the garage dropped down, to make it easier if the split changes, I've set it up as it's own story. It looks great in 3D, and...

KatherineC97_0-1680587718640.png KatherineC97_1-1680587750977.png

Resolved! Hatching in floor plan and section

Hello. I have my new walls and elements in the renovation tool set to a hatch. However, I would like to see hatching of walls in floor plan, but not in section. Is there a way to do this?

STORY LEVELS - New & Existing Renovation Filter

Hello community, I am trying to turn off the story levels in the existing section and want to see them in the proposed section as the floor heights are different. Does anyone know if that is possible? If yes, can you let me know how? Thank You

Resolved! Line thickness external drawing

Hi all,I would like to know if can change the thickness of the lines of an external drawing.I work as lighting planner and I import .dwg plan from architects all the time, setting the external drawing to 08-Greyscale.The problem is that when I print ...

lcdega by Participant
  • 3 replies

Can't choose any line except one

When I first tried to choose a line I couldn't do it, because only openingline was available. Then something happened and I could only draw dotted line and no other type of lines. When creating my own type of straight line I cannot choose it. Screens...

Снимок экрана 2023-04-01 в 19.21.25.png Снимок экрана 2023-04-01 в 19.21.33.png

Object change surface when trimmed

Hi! We have a house object (GDL object) we use for sketching early stages. To make sloping roofs we use the ordinary Archicad roof to which we trim the object. However, when the object is trimmed with a roof not going to the edge of the object, the s...

Door leaf undercut

I generally size door openings via their leaf size as this is how I generate my door schedules, however I have issues with the ‘leaf undercut’ setting in the door parameters. Traditionally with undercuts I would expect the value of this gap to be add...

David E by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Release objects half-way with a shortcut command

Hi, When placing objects, walls etc around I often type in the distance from a point and then + or - depending on how far or futher away the point I want my thing to be. Pretty common I guess... but if I want to place something just halv-way there is...

jivi by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Merging part of several walls

HiI want to make a door that goes through several walls, but as I have understood, it isn't possible. Therefore I would like to merge the walls together, but just a part of the wall because there is a height difference in the wall that makes the merg...

Trenneth by Participant
  • 2 replies


I have a custom profile wall with a stone base and siding above. When I install doors and windows the plan view show them aligned in the stud wall but the 3d view show them to be clearly outside the siding. the opening reference line in the profile m...

Custom Door with actual door settings and 2d views

Hi! How can I create a custom door that has all the standard door settings and parameters and that shows door swings in 2d etc?At the moment I don't see much of a difference in saving it as a custom door as it looks like (and behaves) like any other ...

Sabrina by Booster
  • 5 replies

more smooth arches and circles? looks dotted

hi! I work a lot in Archicad with circles, arches, and curves whether for interiors or product designs and I noticed that no matter how much I zoom, select thickness of the pen, or anything, the arches, curves and circles are never looking smooth, bu...

cocoloco by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

Adjust settings of a downloaded door object

Hi all, Could you tell me if there's a way to make this door accept the Opening reference distance, rather than being glued to the wall it's put on? -The manufacturer tells me that they can't make custom changes for me. -I know I can make a new wall ...


Legacy Library

I cannot find a place to download older version libraries. Specifically 22. Any direction or link would be appreciated. Thanks

RDI by Participant
  • 1 replies

Casing overlap dimension

Hi, sorry if the tittle is confusing. Is there any way to put custom distance from door casing to wall? In this case core is one wall and finish is other composite wall, and since door is connected to core wall casing overlaps on core. Can I somehow ...

mija by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Section Indicators

 How do i add section indicators to my floor plan How do i also add those 1,2,3 labels to the floor plan Where can i find the doors and windows tag Archicad 26 educational license  

20230312_121004.jpg 20230312_121543.jpg

Custom Window

Hi,Is there a way to make a window like the one in the attached picture?Ive tried Variable Window, Variable Double Sash Window, Window with Sidelight, but there is no way to divide sidelight like in the attached picture.Thanks!

artecon by Booster
  • 4 replies

Customisation of Garage door

I am not able to edit the mullions of the window, Can you all suggest an editable window or a way to make the top part of sliding window a fixed section?

bijinrh by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Oversize the depth of "splay" in windows?

Is it possible to control the depth where the reveal starts? so that I an have simmilar wall profiles with different frame thickness?All window objects start their reveal att the back of the frame- there is an option for a reveal that extends sideway...

AlexV by Booster
  • 0 replies

Add hotspot to Imported Objects

Hi, I understand that as a default when importing an object through interoperability, the hotpots genrated will be at the bounding box. Is there a way to add hotspots to the 2d view without recreating the object? thank you

Resolved! Extending internal rooflight lining

Hi AllI have inserted a roof light into the monopitch roof of my model which is fine - but I need to extend the internal lining of the roof light to extend through the void between the external roof and the ceiling below (which is at the same angle a...

Jewell by Participant
  • 2 replies

Window on curved wall

Hello, I placed this window on a curved wall but would need the frame to be perpendicular to the wall surface, like the hole on the same wall. I wish the same for doors and windows. Is it possible? ThanksKr

Resolved! Create our own window easily and nicely

Hello, I model a nice house with Archicad 23 for a client using this version. I present this project here : I have made a lot of "personnal windows" and doors by this way (some with stained glass) : - mod...

1676898602323.jpg Capture d’écran 2023-02-23 à 13.17.52.png

Resolved! 3D Warehouse no longer in 2019 format

Hi Objects in Sketchup 2019 format is no longer available for download. I work on Mac, and can therefore not use pcon planner. I use 3D Warehouse quite a bit, so this is really frustrating for me. Any suggestions on other ways to convert the files, o...

Konsis by Participant
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Window 26 lost some sill/board/apron options

Hi, I'm looking to create a window with the Window 26 object in Archicad 26, but it seems to lack some options that the 24 Windows had. Mainly it's missing the option to include an apron/bottom casing underneath the interior sill/board/stool. Has any...

emptro by Beginner
  • 3 replies


I am having challenges getting window trim to display properly in a complex profile wall. It works in one wall and not in the other. I can’t tell the difference. I have tried make the correctly-preforming and misbehaving walls entirely identical and ...

Desktop lamp ver 1.0

Hi all, the challenge finish , I want to share some of the objects I made for it , have a nice day! download here from my drive this is a desktop lamp I hope you like it , it runs from verson 22 to early p.d. thanks for your likes in the challenge

lamparas articuladas vista.jpg lamparas articuladas.jpg

Freeform window

Greetings. Any suggestion on how to achieve this kind of window (please see the image attached)? I was trying to avoid creating a GDL object specifically for this. AP macOS Monterey 12.6.3 | Intel UHD Graphics 1536MB | 64 GB MHz DDR4 RAM | Archicad 2...

Copying all file to another file

Dear Community, I have a document from another office and I would like to copy all model into my template. But I have faced lots of problem. First Method:I selected all and saved as module and import them. The problem is I can not change window detai...

Resolved! Where is my 2D object?

Hey everyone, i created a simple 2D object which is in the embedded library when i go to the library manager, but it's not in the embedded library in the objects default settings window, so i can't select it. i've done a search for it but it doesn't ...

Resolved! Customize Info Box, Decription/Notes

Hi, Is there any way to add the Description info to the workspace Info Box, specifically Notes/Remarks? I want to be able to add notes and remarks directly into the work space Info Box, without having to go into the objects info settings. Thanks

Resolved! Window objects not visible in floor plan

Working with windows located in the upper portion of a wall, a few feet above the cutting plane. Floor plan display settings are set to symbolic. Renovation filters appear to be correct. However, the windows are not visible. What am I missing.

SS by Participant
  • 5 replies

Sync between Archicad26 and Twinmotion

Hi,I made a ground floor plan in archicad and then tried to render and furnish in twinmotion, but only for 1 room of that plan. Later that day, I moved the plan in the site with 1m and add a few things, and when i opened Twinmotion, the furnishes tha...

alex732 by Participant
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Window with different thickness of inner frame

Hi maybe is't super simple but couldn't find out right window for my case. I wanna have quite simple window witch 3x2 But I with inner frames with thicker 116mm because behind the window are pillars I can do that all of them have 116mm but this is no...

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Resolved! slightly sloping concrete slab

I have created a couple of concrete slabs like so:From the section I'm modelling after (here as trace reference), there is a slight slope for both slabs, the left one slopes down, and the right one slopes up very little:Is it possible to edit the sla...

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Resolved! Sashless double hung window

Is it possible to model sashless double hung window with AC26 windows? Specifically the Aneeta Windows

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Resolved! Missing lcf from BIMcloud libraries

The Electrical.lcf from CI Tools Library 26 is showing up in the library manager... but I can't seem to find it in the objects... I have tried reloading the library into BIMcloud but no luck. Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

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All objects, doors, windows are missing

  Hello,On a V-26 file I am working on, All library items, doors and windows are missing. All library items, doors and windows were not missing when I saved and closed.Graphisoft support has not answered my support email request.Thank you.

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Resolved! Library Management

What's the best place to store/link ArchiCAD Migration Libraries? Is it better to keep it on the BIMcloud or link it from the local disk?

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window schedule reference height

Hi there,I am very new to ArchiCAD 24 and am having troubles with the window + door schedule not showing the relevant window and door heights in relation to GF level - see attached image. How can I 'lower' the left hand roller door to show on the sam...

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Which program - Modeling 3D objects

What is the easiest program to create 3D elements such as furniture? I mean that the resulting model could be edited, for example the colors of the elements. Are there any dedicated programs for such things?

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Window Shutter Placement

Having an issue where my shutters are "floating" off of the wall rather than being tight to the finish/casing I have the Wall Closure type set to stud wall with siding which is what I am using I have seen some suggestions about creating your own shut...


Hi, I currently have a project that has stories I wish to delete, however these stories have elements on them I wish to keep. Is there an easy way to reassign these elements to another story before I delete that story?At the moment when I reassign th...

Resolved! AC26 INT Cabinet Corner Object

EDIT : This was just me being embarrassingly unobservant.Something seems to be off with the cabinet corner objects in AC26 so that the shape representation does not correspond to the segment settings. In the example below - the setting is set to one ...


Resolved! Window/door and opening tool conjunction

Hello everyone,I have a quick question. Have anyone tried to use the opening tool in conjunction with the window/door tool and was able to remove the thin part of the wall that the opening tool is creating? Cheers,Stefan VeselinovicCurrently while as...


Doors not showing through cover fills

HiI've added cover fills to a floor slab and have noticed that some of the doors show on top of cover fills and some are obscured by the cover fills.Any suggestions of how to fix? Thanks

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Dimension Markers by layers

Is there a way to give dimension markers layer settings? I have a windows/doors blueprint where I need the dimension markers to be on, but going back to the project layer combination I want them to turn off. I can't figure it out.

Resolved! Window Closures

hey, I am having an issue which i think ive just done something dumb but cant work it out. Im placing a window with a traditional cavity closure, I have done it the same way 100s of time and never a issue but for some reason the cavity closure is not...

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Commercial sinks

I need desperately commercial sinks. BIM Objects does not have them.At this time a single three compartment sink with shelves on both sides. These are pretty standard for any commercial project

Need 9 sinks in a counter with one missing

Working on a remodel.They have a long counter with the counter going from wall to wallAnd one sink at every 3' with the exception - at one end there is no sink.So Hoping I can use the tool we have for this kind of sink and counter in 26But with the a...

Frustrating interconnection of furniture fills

I have kitchen elements next to one another. In real life they are separated, but in the drawing I don't want to be so crazy and split them fo 1mm. The issue is that I can't see separation line, the intersection is happening. Neither is possible to a...

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How to save favorite to new library

Right now i should prepare BIMcloud for office work.I want to create new library for my company.Some doors i have created by myself and have sasved to favoritesIs it possible to save all favorites (doors, windows, walls, markers) and have it as libra...

object color issue

hello, I have a problem where all of my props and objects, including doors, windows and doors are grey colored even though i never set any color up for those, they are meant to be transparent(white) and i can't figure out how to change that. Thanks i...

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AC26 objects not rotating to 3D camera

Anyone else running into this issue? The offending elements (thus far) are all the People Symbols. They actually seem to be auto-rotating, but they are rotating the wrong way (presenting the narrow end to the camera) no matter what rotation I enter i...

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USA Double Hung Window Surfaces

Hello, I've been in touch with Technical Support, who directed to post this item here: The surfaces of the built-in double hung windows are not yet completely worked out, as can be seen in my attached image. Technical Support is forwarding this to Te...

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Does Anyone Use Library Part Maker?

I've posted a few questions on this forum related to Library Part Maker, and by the lack of solutions offered by the forum, and even the lack of comments I get the impression that very few people us it, and that even fewer people really understand ho...

Resolved! Sill and Brick veneer positioning - V26

Hi, I am new to this community. Archicad helps me visualize things before construction starts, I found that it is an excellent tool to communicate possible issues with the team. Here's some issue that I can't configure easily with window settings wit...

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Resolved! Library Door with fixed part

Hi, First of all sorry if the question is not understandable, because I want to draw a door like the one attached in the post which has a "tarja" (fixed part in the upper side of the door), but there's nothing similar in the AC Library.. ¿Is there an...

Ungroup STL files

I want to open objects in STL format in Archicad, but they are always grouped. I'm exporting from Inventor and I don't have any option to ungroup. Does Archicad allow me to ungroup these stl models? Thank you.


I am trying to use Library Part Maker to create some custom elements and I keep running into issues that are difficult to diagnose. When I create and place aN MEP Library part the 2D view automatically defaults to a depiction of the 3D geometry and i...

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Settings To Opening Reference don't match

Hi, So I'm having this problem lately where the "opening reference" is set to 0, and this is as it should be in the floorplans. However, in 3D it shows a huge gap. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm currently using Archicad 24. See added pictures ...

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Archicad 25 Archive to Archicad 24

Hi Everyone, My Practice is working with another Practise on a joint project. They are designing the exterior of a project in Archicad 24, and we're designing the interior in Archicad 25. We subscribe to some additional libraries for our interior des...

Resolved! Hedges

Hey all, I'm putting a hedge into a model as a piece of landscaping and I'm having a issue with the 2D view of it. In 3D it appears as normal, however when I view it in 2D it only shows as 2 parallel lines. Is there a way to make it appear more like ...

Resolved! Security gate object?

I need an object like this:I have found several, but they are RFA and Archicad 25 wont let me import them, it is from the wrong Revitversion i guess... .Kamelite


Door Schedules and Scale

I have an issue with Door Schedules. I want to display the view from the opening side of the door at 1/20 scale. This is so I can annotate onto the door signage and architraves etc. (the casings don't show). The default for the view is 1/50. I can ch...

Resolved! Export Door Leaf

I don't know why I'm not figuring this out, but I cannot figure out how to export a custom door leaf. I created a custom leaf in one project and wish to use it in can I export it from one project to another? Thank you!

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Importing Rhino (.3dm) as object texture issue

Hey guys. I'm importing a Rhinoceros model (.3dm) as an object for Archicad. Geometry is fine. But when I override the surface texture in the object definitions, the 3D texture is shown at a very small scale. I would also like to ask if it is possibl...

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Sliding Door Not visible in 3D View

Does anyone have a solution for sliding door panels that do not appear in 3D with Archicad 23? My settings are set to full resolution in 3D view and the door opening toggle is set to 0mm. The sliding panel does not appear in elevations either, only t...

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