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BIM Coordinator Program (INT) April 22, 2024

Find the next step in your career as a Graphisoft Certified BIM Coordinator!

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Creating a Thread

Hi all, When you create a thread on this forum, adding images to help explain your issue can go a long way. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words. For readability the best way to do this is to DRAG & DROP straight into the TEXT WINDOW. This...

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Searching on Graphisoft Community

Table of Content Where to searchAdvanced search optionsLocationAuthorDateStatusType of PostContainsTips & tricks for good search results This Community collects the insights and knowledge of the users of Archicad and other Graphisoft products from ov...

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Help Those Help You - Add a Signature Hi All, Some issues you may post about on this forum are Archicad version specific. This includes regional variations in the base program as well as any attached libraries. Other issues may b...

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Meet our Moderator and Community team!

Moderators and administrators are crucial to the success of any online community site. They are responsible for ensuring that the community site is a safe and welcoming environment for all of you. On Graphisoft Community, moderators and the Community...

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Deleting your images from Graphisoft Community

If you want to delete some images you uploaded to Graphisoft Community, follow the steps below. Click on your profile image in the upper right corner to open your Community profile. Then find My photos on the right and click View all. Click on Image ...

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My post was marked as spam

It is widespread these days that online communities are attacked by spam bots and spam accounts, spreading inappropriate and irrelevant content on forum boards. Graphisoft Community is no exception here, and we work hard every day to prevent such dis...


Deleting your Graphisoft Community account

We are sad to see you leave! However, if you wish to delete only your Graphisoft Community account, go to your profile, select 'My settings' and go to 'Close account'. What happens when you delete your account When you delete your Community profile a...


Some members become vital parts of daily conversations over the years. We value your contribution to Graphisoft Community - you make this place special and an important source of knowledge for many professionals. As a small recognition, we want to hi...

How do I get support?

Table of Content When should I choose Graphisoft Community?What are the benefits of participating in the Graphisoft Community?How do I get help on Graphisoft Community?When should I request technical support?What are the benefits of contacting Techni...