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My post was marked as spam

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

It is widespread these days that online communities are attacked by spam bots and spam accounts, spreading inappropriate and irrelevant content on forum boards. Graphisoft Community is no exception here, and we work hard every day to prevent such disturbing actions from happening on our forum.


How content gets marked as spam

Our Moderator team is daily monitoring all forum boards and any of the members can report content as spam. Besides these manual activities, there is an automated system monitoring 24/7 all ongoing activities, marking potentially harmful and inappropriate content automatically as spam. 


Content false positively considered spam

Even with our best intention, there can be cases when a regular post might end up as spam in our system. If you can't find your post on the target board or get a banner stating your post was marked as spam, we recommend contacting the Moderator team.


Channel 1: submit an abuse report


When you see the above banner on your post, click on "abuse report" to submit your request to the Moderator team. Please explain why you believe your post was marked as spam incorrectly.


Channel 2: send a private message to a moderator

If you can't find your post anywhere and suspect it was marked as spam, don't hesitate to contact anyone from the Moderator or the Community team. Please explain why you believe your post was marked as spam incorrectly.


In each case, we will review your request as soon as possible and release your post if it was marked as spam erroneously.

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