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AI Visualizer Challenge

Challenge Description

Dear Graphisoft Community,

We are thrilled to open to submissions the AI Visualizer Challenge! Powered by Stable Diffusion, the Visualizer is an experimental Archicad capability that creates inspiring and detailed 3D visualizations during the early design stages.

Flex Your BIMx

The jury will select the 6 most captivating entries to win €400 Graphisoft Learn vouchers*, a champion badge, and an invitation to join Product Manager Illés Papp and Product Designer Jenő Barta in an exclusive roundtable.

*The value of the voucher is by default in euros. The same amount described in the code can be used in local currencies.

Selected works also have the chance to be featured in our social networks and knowledge base.

Get started with the Archicad AI Visualizer

We're hosting a must-attend webinar right here on Graphisoft Community on March 6, 2:00 PM CET - save the date! We’ll provide an accessible overview of the tool, and tips & tricks for achieving the best results.

Reserve your spot!

How to install

Download the AI Visualizer according to your operating system, and follow the steps below:


1. Unzip the installer and copy files to these folders:

- Copy sd.webui into the C:\ root folder

- Copy Add-ons folder into your Archicad folder

2. Start Archicad, then start AI Visualizer from Window > Palettes > AI Visualizer. If it's not there, add the add-on to the list through the Add-on Manager

3. Click on “Start AI Engine” in the AI Visualizer window

4. Enter your prompt and click on "Generate"


1. Open terminal > Run this command to install Homebrew:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2. Open terminal > Run this command to install base packages:

/opt/homebrew/bin/brew install cmake protobuf rust python@3.10 git wget

3. Open AI Visualizer package:

- Copy the sd.webui folder into the Archicad folder.

- Locate the appropriate folder depending on your Mac’s architecture – AppleSiliconMac for Silicon chips, IntelMac for Intel chips. Copy the Add-ons folder into the Archicad folder and merge.

4. Drag to the Terminal window and hit Enter. is located in your Archicad folder/sd.webui folder.

5. Close the terminal, then start Archicad.

6. Start AI Visualizer from Window > Palettes > AI Visualizer. If it's not there, add the add-on to the list through the Add-on Manager

7. Click on “Start AI Engine” in the AI Visualizer window > hit "close" > Terminal will run, proceed when finished.

8. Enter your prompt and click on "Generate"

You can find the complete installation guide with screenshots, system requirements, forum discussions, and related articles in our user group.

How to Participate

Upload 3 images directly to your entry:

    - Design mood board (free style, be creative) based on at least one of our provided textures;

    - Perspective view of a mass, conceptual model - either a hand sketch or a view from Archicad;

    - AI Visualizer result - based on your own mood board, create your prompt to fuel the Visualizer. Sharing the prompt in your entry is optional while the challenge is open to submissions. Recommended image size: 1216x832

To participate in our challenges, you must be a Community member. If you haven't done so yet, please create an account.

Meet the jury

Ákos Karóczkai  |  Graphisoft, Hungary

Ákos is a Senior Manager of the Learning Excellence and Innovation team and an algorithmic design expert at Graphisoft. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an architect. He has been working at Graphisoft in various positions in the past 10 years. He is responsible for a team developing and delivering knowledge to Graphisoft clients through various channels in multiple formats. His passion is to experiment with new technologies, especially in the domain of algorithmic design, artificial intelligence and automation.

Illés Papp  |  Graphisoft, Hungary

Illés is an Architect and an experienced Senior Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Besides other fields he is responsible for visualization related topics at Product Management at Graphisoft HQ in Budapest. He loves finding solutions to difficult issues and simplifying complex concepts. His favourite professional fields are architecture, interior design, visualization, UI & UX design, software development & new technologies.

Jan Millan  |  Graphisoft, United States

Jan is a Customer Enablement Specialist and certified BIM Manager. Fluent in English and Spanish, he brings over a decade of Archicad expertise. His skills in 3D modeling, visualization, Archicad template development, BIM management, AI image generation and Architecture Photography make him a fitting juror for the AI visualizer challenge. His architectural and BIM management experience extends across the USA and Puerto Rico.

Jenő Barta  |  Graphisoft, Hungary

Jenő is a Product Designer with 8 years of experience at Graphisoft, pushing the boundaries of design and technology. He is the Design Owner of the Archicad Library, visualization, Application Programming Interface, and Add-on components. Jenő is also the designer of the revolutionary AI Visualizer. His expertise extends to AI-based prototypes, machine learning algorithms, foundation models, and generative AI.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your entry, you agree with our Terms and Conditions expressed below and the Terms of Use of Graphisoft Community.

• You are allowed and welcome to submit multiple entries;

• Graphisoft reserves the right to change or cancel any award and make other adjustments as needed to accommodate particular circumstances;

• All submitted entries will be publicly displayed on Graphisoft Community. Submitting an entry gives Graphisoft permission and approval to leverage content (images and/or videos) for Marketing and Public Relations purposes in presentations, on social media, and in the Graphisoft websites;

• By submitting your entry in this challenge, you declare that the files, text and/or related images are done by yourself and/or do not infringe any third party Intellectual Property. If the projects are inspired by a product or another idea, make sure to specify in the entry description and give the necessary credits;

• The submission window starts on February 19, 2024 | 2:00 PM CET;

• All entries must be received by March 31, 2024 | 11:59 PM CEST.

Check the challenge Frequently Asked Questions and, if you still have questions, feel free to start a thread on Our Community forum.

Now, unleash your creativity and unlock the power of the Archicad AI Visualizer!

Graphisoft Community Team