About building parametric objects with GDL.

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This happens when you press ctrl+alt when changing windows.

I created an opening with nothing in the window.There is no problem when setting and installing the A and B values.However, if I set window 25 to ctrl+T and select the window opening I created with ctrl+alt, this happens.The A and B values remain the...

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Macros vs Subroutines - resource optimization

Hi,which one is better- 1 object with 10 subroutines x 500 lines of code or- 1 object + 10 macros x 500 lines of code? I'm working on an object that will have a dropdown list of several choices - let's say 10 types of chairs, so you place the object ...

AlexV by Booster
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Reset Parameter to default based on specific parameter change

I have an A/C object that I would like to have a flexible slab. when we change the size of the unit (say from 12kW to 20kW) I would like the slab to change to suit the default size and then be stretchable after that. my problem comes when you reset t...

Object not appearing when first placed in plan

Hi all, I am fairly early on with my scripting in GDL life and am not sure what to do to fix this issue.I have been trying to solve a documentation issue I have in my office where I want to eliminate separate 3D objects, symbols and splines for an el...

Resolved! Have my GDL object respond to the MVO's Object detail setting

I'm attempting to create a quite simple parametric object meant for shower fixtures, in which I choose to show the Shower Head and a variety of Shower Handles. I used PARAM-O to model it and configure the parameters to show/hide. But I'd like to be a...

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Stamp Display Settings

My question is, how can I add scale in the stamp display settings. The default of content is 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200. I did a custom scale of 1:75 and 1:25 and I would like this to be added to the scale sensitive display.  Thank youSocee

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Socee by Newcomer
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Random size object

Hello! I'd like to create a rectangle whose size would be random each time it is placed or a parameter is changed. I've based the rectangle on a graphisoft object I found here: It's a rectangle of height A and width B, where A = B.The object is coded...

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Resolved! Splitting Text in GDL

We have our wall types all listed out like this in our composite list - A _ Wall: MStud 6" Ins, Gyp. In GDL, how would I strip out everything right of the "-" and then Left of the "_" The end result needs to be " A ". I am struggling to get the "WALL...

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