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This is a bug (well, a feature that doesn't quite work right): the dashed slab separation line between slabs will use the correct linetype, and correct pen colour (Hidden Line settings)...but NOT the correct pen weight. It will inherit the pen weight...
Is there a way to find out all the roof angles of a multi-plane roof in GDL? The global variable ROOF_ANGLE will only return a single angle, not all of them.
Is there a way to find out the vertices coordinates of the roof pivot line in GDL? I know it must be possible for roof accessories, but can't find anything in GDL.
I've changed parameter arrays in a previously deployed MVO from 2-dimensions to 1-dimension arrays. I have updated all my relevant scripts and macros etc, The really odd thing is that in the GDL scripting environment, I don't get any errors - but whe...
Now we can attach labels in AC26, I thought I'd create a GDL label to match my company's zone stamp. However, I can't find any way to extract all the necessary data from the attached zone. There is the ZONE_RELATIONS request, but that doesn't return ...