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Licence missing in Manager pool

Hi, I have had to uninstall and re install my license manager tool as it was not showing my licenses in the manager tool even though online on My CI it says it is downloaded to my computer. All the Manager tool says is to refresh but still nothing co...

LLeaver by Newcomer
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Multi-Line Zone Name

Hi All, This should be super simple IMO. All I want to do is have my zone name say: ToiletRoom In two lines like that so that it fits in a narrow space. I can't find any way to have the zone name be two lines, however. Does anybody know if there's a ...

Sensing the MVO change

Hi,Have anyone found a way to sense in the object that the MVO changed?looking for request like thing...because the change of parameter by LIBRARYGLOBAL does not produce any trigger to GLOB_MODPAR_NAME. Piotr

Cabinet 2D Detail Level

Hi, I'm trying to manage the 2D Detail Level for the new Archicad 25 cabinet objects. The objects have a 2D Detail Level parameter which can be set to: (by MVO, Low, Medium, Full). Attached below are screenshots of the different detail levels for ref...

1.png 2.png 3.png
petroe by Newcomer
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Object placed on Master Layout

Running against wall here.We place a red text "Vorabzug" across the title block to indicate it being a first draft. At a later stage we then remove this text.We already started controlling revision dates with custom layout info and thought we might b...


Listing via Property manager

Hello,Here is my another problem regarding listing composite wall parameters in Element schedule via Property Manager.I want everything to be listed in Elements Schedule. i.e. all composite and complex objects. For this I am trying to create Property...

Quantity all.JPG Property for height of wall col..JPG Property for cop. wall thickness.JPG Scheme for quantity all.JPG

IFC Advice - Replace with AC tools

Hi, I got IFC model from AutoCad 3D and I have to do some changes in the model. Is there some way how can I replace or convert modell to Archicads design tools ? - For example change all toilets to all toilets from Archicad library objects ?- Or chan...

Skärmavbild 2021-12-01 kl. 11.07.14.jpg Skärmavbild 2021-12-01 kl. 11.07.38.jpg Skärmavbild 2021-12-01 kl. 11.08.07.jpg


good morning to all!could i insert a sub-scale drawing in pdf format as a trace and draw my floor plan? can i catch points from pdf?thanks!

Opening Symbol as Label

I tried to script a label that reads the geometry of an "Opening" and places a symbol.....Why?-> the opening Tool/Symbol is hidden when the host is hidden ... i often hide slabs in floor-plans, but like to keep the opening symbol-> the opening tool h...

lukaso by Participant
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BIM Manager Program - January 31

BIM Manager Program is a place where you not only come to learn and obtain Archicad BIM Manager certification but meet other BIM enthusiasts from all over the world and exchange experiences.

Next course starts on January 31, 2022. Check more details and book your spot here.

BIM Manager Program

PREFAB 2030 - global architectural contest

ArchiFrame has launched a global architectural contest with the aim to collect innovative prefab ideas in form of a livable house design that makes the most of available building materials, embracing their creative and sustainable potential.

The contest registration period runs until January 12 and the winners will be announced in February 2022.

Prefab 2030

Detailed instructions and rules of participation can be found here.

Building Together digital event - watch the recordings!

GRAPHISOFT's Building Together 2021 conference for the AEC community took place in the virtual space last week. We invite you to watch the recordings of the keynotes, trend talks, testimonials, and roundtable discussions with leading architects, engineers, and scientists from all around the globe.

Topics addressed the most challenging issues architects and engineers face today, such as affordable housing, urban planning, landmark preservation, and the most exciting challenges in algorithmic design, digital transformation, and many more.

Enjoy the content!

You can still register, and log in to watch the recordings anytime.

Enjoy the content!