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Hi,how can i get the string content from an exloded 3D text? Say i have the 3D text "ads" that i explode like this:The exploded text will then become a group of lines/arcs etc. How can i get the text content as say a std::string or GS::Unistring from...
Hello, Using polygon input as described here: it possible to programatically cancel the polygon input when the polygon has reached a set number of vertices? I know it possible to regis...
Hello, Is there any way to programatically get information about the available addons listed in the Add-On manager? For example, finding an available addon by name and get its path. Thanks.
Hello, I have a palette type dialog where i save the state to preferences after the user clicks a checkbox. But when loading the preferences back when the dialog opens after a program restart no data is found. When debugging i found that if i save th...
Hello, I am making a trace dialog that outputs trace level, location in code and a custom message. It consists of a listbox and some checkboxes: When a checkbox is unchecked items with that trace level should not be displayed in the listbox: (The abn...