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About building parametric objects with GDL.

GDL editor AC27 far from being usable

SInce 27 release I only played around with new GDL editor in 27, and did not put to the "production"...yet with new project i just tried...and it is far from being satisfactory. The lagging makes it impossible to use.

The lagging is not visible while editing one object, however such situation is kind of "non - existent" while doing somewhat "professionally" more complicated library. So starting from 2 opened objects the lagging starts, making new object while having the other 2 pure waiting until something happens, having inaccessible script windows. Selecting takes ages. Switching between opened objects impossibly slow. I hope someone will review this implementation soon. in 27 with trying to use the "old" copy-paste methods with the "real" Code or Sublime (I use both - for different tasks) is a nightmare due to lagging.


We’ve also experienced the excruciating lag with the 27 GDL editor. I’ve even had it when I’ve only had a single object open. 

I do hope this is on the backlog for some attention. 

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The problem is even while switching between scripts, it takes a moment while the syntax highlighting kicks in. the search content does not go between scripts, so it seems like all the scripts are running in separate processes of this Code-like implementation (actually called Monaco), so if having like 5 objects * 5 scripts (roughly) can make big number of processes  😞. But none of such lagging is visible in Code or SublimeText (and I tend to leave a lot of frequently used files open)

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Hi all,


I have reached out to you via private message, please help us investigate the issue by providing some additional information. Thank you!


Kind regards,

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

I've just started using the GDL editor in Archicad 27 and am already screaming at my screen. Every time I tap the enter key, the command I've just typed changes to a different one. When I type "del 2" that's exactly what I want, but if I tap enter then the editor autoINcorrects it to "define style {2}". Is there a way to turn off the "improvements"? I've only been writing GDL for 23 years. It would be more efficient to type script in Notepad then copy it into the editor.


I've really liked the general updates to the editor.  Line numbering and syntax highlighting are the two biggest improvements for me.  However, I have some serious workability problems:

  1. The cursor jumps around.  I'll be typing a line, and the cursor will suddenly jump back partway.  Because I'm typing, I don't notice and my code will be garbled.  I find I generally have to re-type code 2 or 3 times before I get lucky and the cursor stays where it's supposed to.  This is close to a deal breaker for me.
  2. Two dialogs of the same script will navigate to the same place simultaneously.  Pre-2027, I could open a script in the primary dialog, and the same script in a popout dialog, and navigate to two different parts of the script.  This would allow me to refer to / copy from one part of the script to another without having to scroll up and down.  This isn't possible in the new editor.
  3. Screen jumps around.  I'll be typing, and apart from the cursor jumping around, the screen (or the location of the script in the dialog) will jump.  Again, this hampers workflow.
  4. Not all fix named parameters are available in predictive listing.

The editor was long overdue for an upgrade, and this is a great start.  Got some things to fix though.

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Shin Kil

In my experience, a significant improvement in the laggy or slow GDL window issue occurs when you refrain from altering the scaling in your Windows 10/11 display settings, keeping it at 100%. While this limits adjustments to your workflow's "unsharpened" 2D and 3D settings, changing the scaling between 2D/3D and the GDL window likely introduces complications.


Note 1 : I'm using Dell P2721Q monitor set to 2560 x 1440 resolution with a 100% scale, using Quadro RTX 4000 GPU.

Note 2: As mentioned in other forums, using only 1 version of ArchiCAD also helps a lot with the speed.


Lemme know if this helps for others.


TooMayDucks mentioning is exact, what i would point at too.

@TooManyDucks  schrieb:

.... Every time I tap the enter key, the command I've just typed changes to a different one. When I type "del 2" that's exactly what I want, but if I tap enter then the editor autoINcorrects it to "define style {2}". ...

juast one little other example "else"...


The auto-completing is very insuffizient. You can workaround if you type "esc" after each line you want really, but that cant be a real solution. But often used normal commands should not be "impro-worsened"


A wish on the edge of it all: Make some keyboard shortcuts to toggle between Masterscript - 2D-script - 3D-script and the normal paramners-List to get rid of the need to use the mouse for it.


Another "wish" os "suggestion":


Now i declare functions, then type "end" and after it, i type my new functions with "return" to keep some readable structure for me.


When writing a new function with:


"some name of new function":

do something



It should be created somewhere a list of these my new "functions" to jump directly to it and back easily - don't know if everyone here can understand my intention...  Its way better now with the right overview, but it would be much better to get access directly with some sort of function-List..

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"impro-worsened" is nice, but I prefer it in German "Schlimmverbessert". Let's just hope that the whole thing doesn't get kaputrepariert for version 28 😉

I like these "Wolperdinger" - words too. (Look for it in Google picture search). 😇

AC5.5-AC27EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1, MacbookM1Max, Win-I7+Nvidia