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The surface painter paints faces as allowed by each tool_top/sides ( wall, slabs..etc) My wish is to allow the surface painter to choose and paint only one face (à la sketchup ) at a time _ not only sides , ie : Enable, for this tool , the slab edge ...
Is it possible ( as we used to do with the accessory goodies ? )
Hi, on AC12, I selected only some windows but IDs got affected event to those non selected ? I want to affect the same ID to "some" windows with the same type ( with lenght) Here is a step by step of what I've done ? 1- go to the 3d window 2-select a...
could be interesting to enable this feature in the elevation/section windows. For dividing the wall height as an exemple /columuns/ beams.
Hi, I didn't thing it would be challenging as the slanted curtain wall is easy to set when it is linear . but how to have a slated curved curtain wall (an inverted conical shape for instance ) ?
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