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I am not sure what I am missing here... The entire parkade slab is 65, 835 sf. On the Archicad drawing, I made some slab openings for heated spaces that are added to 7000 sq.ft The remaining unheated space should just be 65, 835 - 7000 = 58, 5835 sft...
Still having trouble with the Floor Plan Cut Plane to show the wall lines from storey below or above the current storey. I set wall to be projected overhead in wall setting and dashed line for the overhead line. And set 4' from below in the floor pla...
Not sure why some of the slab cut lines are thicker when all settings are the same. Any thoughts?
What do I need to do to display the storey lines on the attached 3D slab floors?
Not sure what am I missing… In Zone Categories, I have named categories with different color with Zone Stamp 02 20. The zone color is not showing on the floor plan. Please help. thanks
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