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Hi! Does anyone know why I can't see contour lines for objects in 3D? I already checked MVO and everything is as it should be, I think. Thanks! Operating system used: Mac Intel-based 14.2 Sonoma  
Hi! I have some stairs going from story 1 to story 2, and in the settings I have them to be viewed on one story and one story up, but when I go to the second story plan, the stairs don't appear. Am I missing something? Thanks!    
Hi! I'm trying to move all elements in stories 3-7 to another location, so i'm using the bold marquee, starting from the third floor, and selecting all elements within the marquee (I did "select all" and also tried dragging the mouse to select everyt...
Hi! Does anyone know why I can't see my windows in floor  plan? I'm on story 2, and the window settings show it is on story 2, but for some reason I can't see it the floor plan. Settings of the window are "projected with overhead". Thanks!  
Hi! I've been using the morph tool to create a rectangular slab (as pictured), and I've been doing it on the elevation tab since it's easier to get the shape right. I did it plenty of times, but literally all of a sudden, without me having touched an...
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