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stock paint colour not rendering...

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Hello folks, hopefully you can help me with this!

I'm rendering a house using the lightworks rendering engine. The house has a tudor style front elevation so I've used beams and columns to show the wooden framework, with the stock paint colour 'paint-04' as the finish. In axo and perspective it looks great, but when I render it the beams show as white, ie the paint colour isn't rendering!!

Surely this shouldn't be happening with a colour/ finish that came with the package?

Any help would be great, thanks in advance!!


ps I'm using AC13 with the AC13, AC12 migration and AC11 migration librarys.

pps this doesn't happen with other stock paint-.. colours...
Karl Ottenstein
You are probably rendering with LightWorks, but assigned your colors in the internal engine mode of the materials dialog. You need to switch the materials dialog to LW mode and click the button 'match with internal engine' to get the color/texture over the the LW side of things. You will find that you have much more control over the material/shader appearance with the LW material settings as well.

That aside, remember that colors change depending on the color of light falling on them ... so be prepared to deal with that too.

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