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Surface painter quick select doesn’t work in Archicad 26 INT


Hi guys. Had a little issue recently with surface painter quick select tool. Suddenly it stopped working and i had use SPACE BAR to be able to pick a surface and paint desired area. After some time i worked it out by myself. Somehow i must have pressed a shortcut keyboard combination and disable it. Not much info on the internet so leaving it here for anyone who might run into the same trouble. 

To enable or disable the auto quick select you place mouse cursor on the pipette on the colour palette and press SPACE BAR + ALT + MOUSE CLICK ON TH PIPETTE. 


quick selelct A Archicad 26.jpgquick selelct B Archicad 26.jpg


Operating system used: Windows


Ok. After restarting Archicad the quick selection square field isn’t showing again but seems i can still paint surfaces. So maybe it is a bug . It works fine in my other language version of 26. So if anyone has any idea please share your experience. Thank you.

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