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If Addons A create module data name 'AA' in project file P, then can Addons B in same file project get module data name 'AA' with ACAPI_ModulData_Get()?
This code from .grc file : /* [ 9] */ TextEdit 129 37 182 24 LargePlain 255 Is there way to make this TextEdit show as '*' during fill in like password input?
I am looking for a way to get linked between API_AttrTypeID and API_Element . Is there anyone know which field can be use to link each other?. My target is to find which attribute is used by which element.
With this snapshot of code: API_StoryCmdType storyCmd; storyCmd.action = APIStory_Rename; storyCmd.index = storyInfo.lastStory; storyCmd.uName[storyInfo.lastStory] = GS::uchar_t("TAS"); GSErrCode err = ACAPI_Environment(APIEnv_ChangeStorySettingsID, ...
Below is sample code from AC Element Test, Is there anyone know could it possible to copy an element without click event by looping thru all select element's guid instead? ================= void Do_CopyElem (void) { API_Element element = {}; API_Elem...